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220+ Useful Noun Noun Collocations from A-Z


Noun + Noun Collocations! List of noun noun combinations in English with examples. Learn these noun and noun collocations to improve your fluency in English.

Noun Noun Combinations

Noun + Noun Collocations (A)

List of noun and noun combinations that start with A.
Abuse of power

  • It all had to do with an abuse of power and politics.

Account executive

  • She became an account executive and writer at a government agency.

Accounting firm

  • Many of the big accounting firms declined to comment for this article.

Accounting system

  • Options are only part of an accounting system in deep trouble.

Action movie

  • I love watching action movies.

Advertising agency

  • An advertising agency buys advertising time in 100 markets for an advertiser.

Air gun

  • Visitors can try their hands at shotguns, pistols, rifles and air guns.

Air raid

  • There was no immediate word on casualties from the air raid.

Altar boy

  • The boys were either altar boys or students at the parish’s school.

Antitrust case

  • In the antitrust case, Windows 98 was a central character.

Antitrust law

  • The judge has yet to assess whether the firm breached antitrust laws.

Arms buildup

  • The arms buildup will continue, reminding Taiwan of the heavy cost of independence.

Assault rifle

  • Soldiers with assault rifles were patrolling the main streets of town.

Auction house

  • The auction house is even getting dealers to help find them buyers.

Auto maker

  • Sales at some other large auto makers fell or were flat.

Auto manufacturer

  • They plan to ask auto manufacturers what they can do better.

Noun and Noun Collocations (B)

List of noun and noun combinations that start with B.
Bank draft

  • He tries quietly to get the bank draft from her.

Bank rate

  • The bank rate is pegged to the upper end of that range.

Bars of soap

  • I’d like to buy two bars of soap please.

Beauty industry

  • Basim was exposed to the beauty industry through his family.

Beauty parlor

  • They have been to the beauty parlor and had their hair done.

Beauty salon

  • These shower caps are used in beauty salons all over the world.

Beauty shop

  • I often go to the beauty shop on the weekend.


  • Do you know any nice bed – and – breakfasts in the area.

Bench warrant

  • bench warrant was issued for his arrest when he did not appear.

Bid price

  • Currently, only the best aggregate bid price and ask price are listed.

Birth certificate

  • He falsified his birth certificate to get a passport.

Block grant

  • He called for block grants of federal funds to local school districts.

Board game

  • We often play board games together.

Body armor

  • Roberts was left with the standard body armor, which offers less protection.

Body double

  • It started this process of her being my body double on some deep level.

Booby trap

  • Engineers are inspecting the find with caution in case of booby traps.

Boot camp

  • In boot camp they tear them down to build them back up.

Border security

  • One of our principles is border security.

Brand name

  • The product with the better-known brand name will always sell better.

Brokerage firm

  • The market is made by a small army of brokerage firms.

Budget cut

  • Tien has suffered budget cuts throughout his six-year tenure.

Budget deficit

  • You cannot cut a budget deficit simply by raising taxes.

Building code

  • Some building codes allow the discharge pipe to terminate in the garage.

Building permit

  • If a bird feeder is a structure, it requires a building permit.

Bull market

  • There was another reason for the bull market for the networks.

Bully pulpit

  • He would like to put the bully back in the bully pulpit.

Business activity

  • Let us not rely too much on loans to support business activities.

Business enterprise

  • This is typically done to solve some business enterprise requirement.

Business organization

  • He will work with Australian and Iraqi companies and with business organizations.

Business sector

  • All our political and business sectors have been called upon to change.

Noun + Noun Collocations (C)

List of noun and noun combinations that start with C.
Cable car

  • It rained the whole time; we were sideswiped by a cable car.

Call center

  • Adam had a job at a call center during his college years.

Call option

  • Investors buy call options when they expect the underlying stock to rise.

Capital gain

  • The new tax law also includes a capital gains tax cut.

Car manufacturer

  • A foreign car manufacturer is expected to be among the sponsors.

Car park (U.K.)

  • I’m looking for a car park.

Case law

  • You just have to make up case law as you go along.

Case study

  • It turned out to be a case study in how to win.

Cash cow

  • The company now owns the ABC television network, a cash cow.

Catchment area

  • It allows us to study how dry the catchment areas can get.

Cattle drive

  • A real live cattle drive is making its way right down Main Street in Pleasanton.

Cause celebre

  • It was a cause celebre in liberal political and social circles.

Ceasefire agreement

  • The ceasefire agreement came into effect at 11am.

Charge card

  • They are accepted at all locations that accept the issuing charge cards.

Cheese cake

  • She really loves cheese cake.

Child care

  • Child care centers don’t necessarily hire the most qualified teachers.

Class action

  • We do not have a contract for fees for this class action.

Combat mission

  • They broke the rules and flew their 100th combat mission together over Vietnam.

Combat zone

  • For all, it is their first duty in a potential combat zone.

Comfort zone

  • We cannot afford to have anyone operating in a comfort zone.

Comfort food

  • The claim of comfort food is simply that it hits the spot.

Commodity brokerage

  • He also established a grain and commodity brokerage in 1980.

Communications technology

  • He was responding to the impact on architecture of modern communications technology.

Computer business

  • Personal computer businesses could have a slightly harder time of it.

Conviction politician

  • I admire the fact that she is a conviction politician.

Core values

  • Education has been a core value since the dawn of the nation.

Corporate finance

  • It was not an important corporate finance tool until the late 1980s.

Cottage industry

  • The mother was also drafted into this cottage industry as piano accompanist.

Credit bureau

  • We had to be able to pass an audit by credit bureaus.

Credit union

  • Her credit union does not levy a maintenance fee on her account.

Custody battle

  • I didn’t want to go through the custody battle.

Noun Noun Collocations (D)

List of noun and noun combinations that start with D.
Date rape

  • Vince has been convinced ever since that it was date rape.

Day shift

  • She worked the day shift, returning home late in the afternoon.

Death camp

  • We must ensure that the quartering areas do not become death camps.

Death tax

  • Benefit gets duty, salary duty, property tax, death tax.

Death wish

  • In the end, he appeared to suffer from a death wish.

Debit card

  • Banks get paid by retailers each time a debit card is used.

Defense contractor

  • We are being ripped off on what we pay defense contractors.

Defense lawyer

  • Defense lawyers said they would push for it to be closed.

Departure time

  • Do you know your exact departure time?

Desk job

  • Young people have gone away to college and taken desk jobs.

Desktop publishing

  • The more technology you throw at desktop publishing, the better the results.

Detention basin

  • Lefty Gomez Field in Fairfax is a potential site for use as an emergency flood detention basin.

Detention centre

  • He was transferred to an immigration detention centre in May 2008.

Discount rate

  • The discount rate stands at a record low 0 . 5 percent.

Discount store

  • You can usually find economical versions at grocery and discount stores.

Drainage basin

  • The total area is approximately and its drainage basin is over.

Driving licence

  • My driving licence expires in March.

Duct tape

  • “I’m pretty handy with a sewing machine, but duct tape sticks to itself and to other stuff,” she said.

Noun Noun Collocations (E)

List of noun and noun combinations that start with E.
Election fraud

  • The opposition charged election fraud, but the government denied it.

Electronics industry

  • Taylor declined to speculate whether the illness could hurt the electronics industry.

Energy security

  • He portrayed both as key to energy security.

Enterprise zone

  • We have only their failed policies and an enterprise zone in Inverclyde.

Entertainment industry

  • The program was a mix of entertainment industry and celebrity news.

Estate agent

  • After a public school education he became a real estate agent.

Estate tax

  • I think they will do substantial estate tax relief this year.

Expert witness

  • Evans acted as an expert witness for the defence in the case.

Noun Noun Combinations (F)

List of noun + noun collocations that start with F.
Factory farming

  • In factory farming, the breeder hens do not stay with the chicks.

Finance company

  • Consumer finance companies benefited from their lean staffs and fat profit margins.

Flexibility instrument

  • The amounts for the emergency aid reserve and the flexibility instrument will be increased.

Flight deck

  • The detonation of the bomb blew a hole in the flight deck.

Foot soldier

  • She always focused on ordinary foot soldiers and civilians, ignoring the generals.

Freedom fighter

  • I try to contribute my part because I am a freedom fighter.

Fringe benefit

  • He decreased the hours of work and increased salaries and fringe benefits.

Futures contract

  • Most futures contracts are closed out before their delivery or expiration date.

Noun Noun Combinations (G)

List of noun + noun collocations that start with G.
Gender equality

  • No country in the world has achieved gender equality, even though we have big initiatives and laws passed.

Gold mine

  • The first new major gold mine in the Northern Territory in the past 10 years will begin production within the next week.

Government agency

  • The commission is the government agency that would police cable services.

Government office

  • The boulders have already been removed and sent to government offices.

Government security

  • Government security forces were responsible for extrajudicial killings, custodial deaths, disappearances, rape, and torture.

Ground attack

  • The ground attack lasted about half an hour according to one source.

Group dynamics

  • The small group dynamic offers life-giving relationships for young people, he said.

Group therapy
That’s one reason I had such a hard time with group therapy.
Growth industry

  • Forensic science is a growth industry.

Gunboat diplomacy

  • Both countries were practicing gunboat diplomacy on a grand scale.

Noun Noun Combinations (H)

List of noun + noun collocations that start with H.
Hand grenade

  • It was unclear if the device was a hand grenade or bomb.

Head teacher

  • We interviewed the head teacher of the local school.

Health club

  • I work out five days a week in a health club.

Hen weekend

  • Pippa loves skiing, so it was her first choice for a hen weekend.

Highway system

  • The interstate highway system paved the way for the restlessness and relocation.

History department

  • He transferred from engineering to the history department.

Hit list

  • The company drew up a hit list of shops it expects to close.

Hit man

  • Did you see that show about the hit man on TV last night?

Noun and Noun Combinations (I)

List of noun + noun collocations that start with I.
Identity crisis

  • My father experienced an identity crisis in middle age.

Index fund

  • The cheapest and easiest alternative is an index fund.

Insurance broker

  • He set up in business as an insurance broker.

Interest group

  • They get the bulk of their money from the special interest groups.

Noun Noun Combinations (J, K)

List of noun + noun collocations that start with J, K.
Jail cell

  • The lack of jail cells is a problem across the state.

Jury system

  • We have faith in the jury system and must respect its verdict.

Kitchen cabinet

  • I have plastic covered kitchen cabinets with a wood finish.

Knowledge base

  • They never go to a hospital, but they have a knowledge base.

Noun Noun Combinations (L)

List of noun + noun collocations that start with L.
Labor camp

  • He spent a total of 38 years in prison and labor camps.

Law officer

  • The two groups exchanged heated words, but law officers prevented any fights.

Lead time

  • There are lead times of nine months on some of our components.

Learning disability

  • She has a learning disability and is in a special education program.

Liberation theology

  • It has been a small but influential publisher of liberation theology works.

Lie detector

  • He also offered to take a lie detector test, but was refused.

Line item

  • Maybe you should consider a line item to the university budget.

Liquor license

  • They are jacking up the liquor license all in one sum.

Noun Noun Combinations (M, N)

List of noun + noun collocations that start with M, N.
Mail fraud

  • He is charged with four counts of bribery, mail fraud and conspiracy.

Management consulting

  • After graduation, Lee worked for the management consulting firm McKinsey & Company.

Market economy

  • We are moving to a market economy because we have no choice.

Market gardening

  • Farming and market gardening continue to thrive in the area.

Money order

  • Payment can be made by either by credit card or money order.

Motor vehicle

  • This road is closed to motor vehicles.

Music department

  • The music department would get two big practice rooms and a classroom.

Muzzle loader

  • He had five muzzle loaders marked and loaded.

News organization

  • It was not immediately clear who will run the new organization.

News show

  • The creators of the new show make that format sound quaint.

Noun Noun Combinations (O)

List of noun + noun collocations that start with O.
Office block

  • Hotels and office blocks which once advertised waterfront views now face concrete.

Office hours

  • Our telephone lines are open during normal office hours.

Office job

  • I like to work outdoors, but my brother prefers an office job.

Old-growth forest

  • We’re talking about the antiquities of old-growth forest.

Opinion poll

  • Public opinion polls consistently show majority support for continued British rule.

Opposition party

  • Opposition party and union leaders were more bitter in their reaction.

Order book

  • Their total order books remain below normal for that time of year.

Noun Noun Combinations (P)

List of noun + noun collocations that start with P.
Package holiday

  • The company was the first to offer package holidays to tourists.

Panic attack

  • There may also be panic attacks and a history of attempted suicide.

Parking ticket

  • I came back to find a parking ticket on the windscreen.

Peer group

  • She was rejected by her peer group.

Personality disorder

  • These two personality disorders are analogous in their erratic and aggressive behavior.

Personnel carrier

  • It says that only four damaged armored personnel carriers can be returned.

Pipe bomb

  • I just kept hearing all the gunshots and the pipe bombs.

Pork barrel

  • Client politics and pork barrel politics are associated with constituency work.

Position paper

  • Cummins prepared a position paper at that meeting laying out his arguments.

Post office

  • I work in the reservation post office.

Power politics

  • The last month has been a portrait in the new power politics.

Pressure group

  • They were up against a powerful pressure group.

Price competition

  • The result has been intense price competition that has hastened a shakeout.

Probation officer

  • He worked as a senior probation officer and was born in 1942.

Production cost

  • A simple production that could easily sell to cover the production cost.

Production line

  • The company has added production lines at its mills and joint ventures.

Profit margin

  • The decline is like manna from heaven for corporate profit margins.

Property right

  • The initial assignment of property rights determines who builds the fence.

Noun Noun Combinations (Q, R)

List of noun + noun collocations that start with Q, R.
Quality of life

  • He had a quality of life that no one could have wanted.

Rental income

  • It too counts on rental income for most of its earnings.

Report card

  • His father signed his report card.

Return address

  • The letter arrived in a white envelope with no return address.

Return flight

  • It was on his return flight that things began to get awkward.

Road rage

  • Climbing out of the cockpit, he was the picture of road rage.

Road safety

  • Road safety is taught to young children to avoid road accidents.

Room for improvement

  • We can see there is a whole lot of room for improvement.

Root cause

  • It is the root cause of divisions and conflict in our country.

Root crop

  • The main food crops are corn, yams, cassava and other root crops.

Noun Noun Combinations (S)

List of noun + noun collocations that start with S.
Savings bond

  • Savings bonds can also be used to help defer college education costs.

School day

  • The school day is divided into seven periods.

Search warrant

  • This mail cannot be opened by postal inspectors without a search warrant.

Security blanket

  • I want Benjamin to grow up with his own grandparent security blanket.

Security forces

  • Members of the security forces never aimed their actions against citizens.

Sense of direction

  • They have a good sense of direction to enable them to return.

Service charge

  • A four per cent service charge will be levied on all loans.

Service industry

  • The food service industry was meant to run on minimum wage.

Shock therapy

  • He was a supporter of electric shock therapy and taught its use.

Shorthand typist

  • His college offered to train him as a piano tuner, a lathe operator or a Braille shorthand typist.

Shoulder strap

  • It is worn with a shoulder strap and sits on the hip.

Single entry

  • His new visa is for single entry and valid only for one week.

Small-town girl

  • Only in Manhattan can a small-town girl from Montana meet a guy from New Zealand.

Soup kitchen

  • Some were lucky enough to catch a meal at a soup kitchen.

Speed limit

  • They said he was exceeding the speed limit on the curve.

Sports car

  • My friend really loves sports car.

Stag night

  • We couldn’t organise a stag night in a brewery!

Study hall

  • They held a study hall in the room with the biggest window.

Stun gun

  • He was shocked with a stun gun as many as 21 times.

Suicide bombing

  • They gave him two vests for suicide bombing, officials said.

Summit meeting

  • I have two suggestions for the summit meeting organizers.

Surround sound

  • Surround sound has been around in movie theaters and at homes for decades.

Noun Noun Combinations (T)

List of noun + noun collocations that start with T.
Tax break

  • The vehicle for this tax break is the charitable remainder trust.

Tax shelter

  • The tax shelter benefits result in a tax incidence disadvantaging the poor.

Term paper

  • I hardly think we have a term paper on our hands.

Testing ground

  • The defense budget could become a testing ground for that new power.

Trade route

  • I want to look at free agency but also the trade route.

Trading floor

  • An existing floor will also be converted to become a trading floor.

Transfer agent

  • I understand that transfer agents are employed to handle shareholder records.

Trial court

  • They were brought to the trial court because of their criminal actions.

Trial lawyer

  • The trial lawyers have political muscle to back up their motivations.

Noun Noun Combinations (V, W)

List of noun + noun collocations that start with V, W.
Voting booth

  • We have got to get people out to the voting booth.

Voting machine

  • She returned in a few minutes with a portable electronic voting machine.

Voting rights

  • He delegated his voting rights to his secretary.

War crime

  • They were supposed to be removed and tried for war crimes.

War game

  • The war games are conducted with live ammunition and heavy military machines.

Water cannon

  • Police massed in the city and turned water cannons on the crowd.

Word salad

  • I can see few if any useful edits, but several page blankings and insertions of word salad.

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