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AJ Hoge

Looking for a unique, high-energy speaker to excite your international audience?
AJ Hoge is an elite English language trainer and international career development speaker. His main keynote presentations are “Build A Superstar Career” and “Effortless English Success”.
This isn’t the normal passive listening experience that audiences expect…
…This is a high-energy physical experience that audiences will talk about long after they leave!

As an elite business English trainer, AJ also provides seminars, consulting, and courses for international corporations.

Build a Superstar Career

The “Build a Superstar Career” keynote is about building influence, developing leadership, and becoming an international superstar performer. Superstars in all fields share certain principles and strategies.

AJ demonstrates how to become a superstar performer in any international job. He draws on his own expertise– rising from a low-paid English teacher to become the leader of an international education company, described as “The World’s #1 English Trainer“.

Your audience learns how to use the physical, mental, and emotional strategies of superstars to become high performers and leaders; regardless of their position.

  • Become a problem solver and thought leader
  • Grow your influence
  • Lead the charge

The “Effortless English Success” keynote is all about becoming a powerful and confident English speaker. AJ teaches your team how to speak English fluently and use English confidently on the job.
AJ Hoge demonstrates how the right Energy, Emotion, and Method are used to rapidly improve English speaking skills. Your audience is involved in physical demonstrations that show how the body and mind work together to create faster improvement.
  • Create excited and enthusiastic English learners
  • Quickly overcome nervousness and shyness when speaking English
  • Use English fluently and confidently on the job

Customized Train The Trainers: Train Like A World-Class Coach

“Train The Trainers” is a customized program for trainers, managers, and HR professionals.

AJ trains your team how to combine physical, emotional, and mental techniques to achieve maximum impact.

  • Create memorable training sessions with lasting impact
  • Supercharge your audience
  • Accelerate learning and produce change

AJ Hoge is a career development speaker and business English trainer. He does a limited number of keynotes and seminars each year.

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