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AJ Hoge started as an English teacher; the author of Effortless English: Learn To Speak English Like A Native. In a few years, he built and led an international movement of millions of customers, fans, and followers.

 He built his “edu-tainment business” (education + entertainment) to a point where audiences of 3000+ people were coming to see him speak. 

 AJ combined physical demonstrations, emotional storytelling, and high-energy audience interaction with a powerful speaking message of How To Create A Superstar Career. 

 Instead of just getting on stage to speak, AJ would physically energize audiences with demonstrations so they would be more involved with the presentation. 

 AJ Hoge started as a normal English teacher, teaching English as a foreign language. He created a powerful new method for teaching. However, he initially faced incredible resistance from students, other teachers, and school administrators who found his methods “too different”. 

 Eventually AJ developed the necessary leadership skills to convince students to adopt his methods. Through effective leadership he rapidly expanded his influence, building a fanatically loyal following of customers and fans. 

 He is now the leader of Effortless English LLC, and the host of “The Effortless English Show” with over 42 million downloads worldwide. He built and now leads a revolution of international learners. 

 As a speaker, AJ involves and energizes the audience as soon as he gets on stage. He uses physical activities that get people out of their chairs to fully experience his message. 

 AJ’s presentations are fun and high energy. He creates a powerful audience experience every time he speaks.

AJ Hoge is a career development speaker and business English trainer. He does a limited number of keynotes and seminars each year.

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