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Adverb and Verb: 12 Common Adverb Verb Collocations


Adverb Verb Collocations! List of useful adverb and verb collocations in English with ESL picture and example sentences to improve your English fluency.

Adverb and Verb

List of Adverb Verb Collocations

  • Badly damage
  • Deeply rooted (in)
  • Never knew
  • Quite agree
  • Strongly argue
  • Strongly condemn
  • Strongly deny
  • Strongly dislike
  • Strongly object
  • Strongly recommend
  • Strongly suggest
  • Strongly support

Adverb + Verb Combinations with Example Sentences

Badly damage

  • At least nine cars were badly damaged, some virtually incinerated.

Deeply rooted (in)

  • Its people and its culture are deeply rooted in the earth.

Never knew

  • never knew George was married. I thought he was single.

Quite agree

  • quite agree with your answer.

Strongly argue

  • I am not going to strongly argue this point.

Strongly condemn

  • We strongly condemn this wild and cruel act.

Strongly deny

Strongly dislike

  • Your classmates will strongly dislike you.

Strongly object

  • Doctors who run programs offering the operation strongly object.

Strongly recommend

  • If you can, I would strongly recommend buying.

Strongly suggest

  • strongly suggest you read this book.

Strongly support

  • It’s a change I strongly support.

Useful Adverb and Verb Collocations in English | Image

Common Adverb and Verb Collocations in English

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