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14 Phrasal Verbs with THROW: Throw away, Throw out, Throw up…


Phrasal verbs with THROW! Learn throw away meaning, throw down meaning, throw in meaning, throw off meaning, throw on meaning, throw out meaning, throw up meaning with examples and ESL pictures.

Phrasal Verbs with THROW

List of useful phrasal verbs with Throw in English:

Throw away, Throw down Meaning & Examples

Throw away

  • Meaning: Discard (trash, garbage, or the like), to toss out, to put in the trash, to dispose of
  • ExampleHe wanted to throw away the cup, but he couldn’t find a trash can.

Throw away

  • Meaning: Waste, to squander
  • ExampleThe team threw away its chance at the semifinals.

Throw down

  • Meaning: Cause something one is holding to drop, often forcefully
  • ExampleThe soldiers threw down their weapons and surrendered.

Throw in, Throw off Meaning & Examples

Throw in

  • Meaning: Add something extra free of charge
  • ExampleIf you take the large size, we’ll throw in a set of tea towels.

Throw off

  • Meaning: Confuse; especially, to lose a pursuer
  • Example: I never saw her without glasses before, so it threw me off when she got contact lenses.

Throw off

  • Meaning: Introduce errors or inaccuracies; to skew
  • ExampleThe dirt in the apparatus threw off the results.

Throw on, Throw out Meaning & Examples

Throw on

  • Meaning: Hastily put on (clothes)
  • ExampleHe threw on a T-shirt and raced outside.

Throw out

  • Meaning: Discard; to dispense with something; to throw away
  • Example: Just throw out that pen if it doesn’t write anymore.

Throw out

  • Meaning: Dismiss or expel someone from any longer performing duty or attending somewhere
  • ExampleThe board threw the man out, because he wouldn’t cooperate and agree with their plans to remodernize the facility.

Throw out

  • Meaning: Offer an idea for consideration
  • ExampleLet me throw this out there – how about if we make the igloo out of butter? Would that work?

Throw out

  • Meaning: Produce in a haphazard fashion
  • Example: This program keeps throwing out errors.

Throw up Meaning & Examples

Throw up

  • Meaning: Vomit
  • ExampleThe baby threw up all over my shirt.

Throw up

  • Meaning: Produce something new or unexpected
  • ExampleThis system has thrown up a few problems.

Throw up

  • Meaning: Cause something such as dust or water to rise into the air
  • ExampleThe car wheels threw up a shower of stones.

Phrasal Verbs with THROW | Images

Useful phrasal verbs with Throw | Image 1

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Phrasal Verbs with THROW

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