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45 Ways to Say Congratulations in Writing & Speaking | Congratulations Synonym


Congratulations synonym! List of many different ways to say Congratulations in English with ESL pictures. Learn these synonyms for congratulations to increase your vocabulary and improve your communication skills.


Congratulation Meaning & Examples

Congratulation is the act of congratulating someone.


  • Congratulations, you have a healthy baby boy.
  • Congratulations, wishing you guys the best life can give you.
  • I send you my warmest congratulations on your success.

Different Ways to Say Congratulations

1. Respects

2. Fantastic

3. Hats off!

4. Sensational

5. Well done

6. Good job!

7. You rock!

8. Nice going

9. Good show!

10. Good going!

11. Good for you!

12. Good on you!

13. Good one mate!

14. I am impressed

15. Way to go

16. You did it!

17. You’re a genius!

18. You’re the best

19. You’ve got it

20. Pat on the back

21. That’s the way

Congratulations Synonym: 45 Ways to Say CongratulationsPin

22. That’s the best ever

23. You did it that time!

25. You really deserved it

26. You did that very well

27. What a good try

28. Many happy returns

29. That is better than ever

30. You’re doing a good job

31. You’re doing beautifully

32. You’re really growing up

33. That’s the way to do it

34. You are very good at that

35. You’re on the right track now

36. You’re really going to town

37. Keep up the good work

38. That’s the right way to do it

39. You have done a great job!

40. You’re getting better every day

41. You’ve just about mastered that

42. Nothing can stop you now

43. That’s the best you’ve ever done

44. Keep working, you’re getting better

45. I’m happy to see you working like that.

Ways to Say Congratulations | Images

Ways to say Congratulations in English | Image 1

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45 Ways To Say Congratulations in English

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