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Bubba’s Food - Level 1 - Original English Course

Bubba’s Food

Sara Smith, who lives in San Francisco, went shopping for cat food.

Sara is 30, and lives at 3037 Market St. She has lived there since 1990. Sara is married. She is married to a man named John. She has been married for 7 years.

They have two children, and one very big cat. Their son Bob is five years old and their daughter Nancy is three. Their cat, Bubba, is 2 years old. Bubba is huge. He weighs 258 pounds (117 kilos)!

At 9am, Sara got into her car and drove to the pet store. She bought 68 bags of cat food for $10 each plus tax. The regular price was $15, so she got a good deal. The total was $680. She paid by credit card.

On her way home, Sara stopped at a convenience store to buy milk. Bubba loves milk. The milk was $3.00 for one gallon, and Sara bought 30 gallons. She paid $100 and got $10 back in change.

Sara got home at 11 a.m. Bubba was waiting at the door. He was very hungry.


-live /lɪv/ (v): to have your home in a particular place

Ex: We used to live in London.

-huge /hjuːdʒ/ (adj): extremely large in size or amount; great in degree

Ex: The party was a huge success.

-get into (phrasal verb): to enter a place, especially when this is difficult

Ex: The door was locked and we couldn’t get into the house.

-drive /draɪv/ (v): to operate a vehicle so that it goes in a particular direction

Ex: I drove to work this morning.

-buy /baɪ/ (v): to obtain something by paying money for it

Ex: They can't afford to buy school books.

-a good deal / a great deal (phrase): much or a lot

Ex: They made a good deal of noise

-on the way

We use on the way or on my/his/our way (to) when we talk about the route, direction or path to somewhere:

Ex: We could leave early and have breakfast on the way. (during our journey to somewhere)

-change something back (into something): to exchange an amount of money into the currency that it was in before

Ex: You can change back unused dollars into pounds at the bank.

-home /həʊm/ (adv): at or to your house or the place where you live

Ex: When you get home late you don't feel like cooking.

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