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How to Make and Accept an Apology in English


List of different expressions to make and accept an apology in English. Learn these common phrases to improve your English speaking.

Making and Accepting an Apology

Making an Apology: Other Ways to Say Sorry in English

  • Excuse me for…
  • I apologize for…
  • I beg your pardon. /Pardon. /Sorry.
  • I do apologize for
  • I must apologize for…
  • I shouldn’t have said that. Don’t be mad at me.
  • I shouldn’t have…
  • I was wrong. Can you forgive me?
  • I’d like to apologise for (not)…
  • I’m (really/ terribly/ so) sorry for …I won’t do it again
  • I’m afraid …
  • I’d like to apologize for…
  • I’m ashamed of…
  • I’m so sorry for…
  • I’m terribly sorry for…
  • It’s all my fault.
  • My apologies for…
  • Pardon me for being so rude.
  • Pardon me for this…
  • Please accept my apology for …
  • Please excuse my…
  • Please forgive me for…
  • Please, forgive me for my…

Accepting an Apology

  • Don’t worry, you’re forgiven.
  • No need to apologize, it’s OK.
  • That’s all right.
  • Never mind.
  • Don’t apologize.
  • It doesn’t matter.
  • Don’t worry about it.
  • Don’t mention it.
  • That’s OK.
  • I quite understand.
  • You couldn’t help it.
  • Forget about it.
  • No harm done.
  • No worries.
  • It’s fine.
  • Please don’t let it happen again.
  • You should be, but I forgive you.
  • No problem.
  • That’s quite all right.
  • Think nothing of it.
  • It’s not important.
  • That’s all right.
  • It’s all fine.
  • I understand.

How to Make and Accept an Apology in English | Image

How to Make and Accept an Apology in English

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