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Asking Somebody’s Opinion & Reminding Someone to Do Things


List of useful expressions for asking somebody’s opinion and phrases for reminding someone to do things. Learn these common phrases to improve your speaking skill in English.

Asking Somebody’s Opinion

  • What do think about that?
  • Are you aware of…..?
  • Do you agree with me?
  • Do you know/see what I mean?
  • Don’t you think (that) … ?
  • How do you feel (about…)?
  • How would you feel if….?
  • How would you react, if ….?
  • What are your thoughts on that?
  • What are your views on…?
  • What do you suggest?
  • What do you think about/of…?
  • What do you think we should do?
  • What do you think/reckon?
  • What does that mean to you?
  • What do you reckon (about…)?
  • What would you say to… / if we…?
  • What’s your opinion about/of…..?
  • Where do you stand (on…)?
  • Where would you stand, if …?
  • Would you agree with me that … ?
  • Would you go along with that?
  • You don’t think so?

Reminding Someone to Do Things

  • You won’t forget to do it, will you?
  • You will remember to do it.
  • Can / Could I remind you to…?
  • I’d like to remind you about…
  • Don’t forget to do it.
  • You haven’t forgotten about __, have you?
  • You should bear in mind…
  • I hope you haven’t forgotten to…
  • Remember to do it.
  • May I remind you / all passengers that…
  • Sorry to be a bore but do remember to…
  • I just wanted to remind you that…

Asking Somebody’s Opinion & Reminding Someone to Do Things | Image

Asking Somebody's Opinion & Reminding Someone to Do Things

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