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Useful Formal and Informal Expressions in English


List of useful formal and informal expressions in English with examples and pictures. Learn these common phrases to improve your speaking skill in English.

Formal and Informal Expressions

How do you do? >>——-<< What’s up?

It is a pleasure to meet you >>——<< Nice to meet you

At your earliest convenience >>——<< As soon as you can

Concerned about you >>——<< Worried about you

Firstly, >>——<< To start with/…, For a start

Give my regards to >>——<< Say hello to

Have you heard from her lately? >>——<< Heard from her lately?

Have you seen Tom? >>——<< Seen Tom?

I agree with my colleague, Anna, that… >>——<< Anna’s right.

I would like to remind you that… >>——<< Don’t forget

I appreciate your assistance! >>——<< Thanks a lot!

In light of the fact that >>——<< Because

It is my opinion that… >>——<< I think…

It is necessary for me to… >>——<< I need to…

It is not necessary for you to… >>——<< You don’t hafta…

It is recommended >>——<< We recommend

Please accept our apologies for… >>——<< Sorry…

Secondly/ Besides/ Furthermore, >>——<< Another good thing is/ What’s more/ Not only that,

Lastly, >>——<< And one of the best things is…/ And best of all, / The most important thing is…

She has the ability >>——<< She can

The plan was implemented / carried out >>——<< They put the plan into action

Our destination >>——<< The place where we want to go

I regret to inform you of… >>——<< I’m sorry to tell you that…

I was hoping that you could… >>——<< Could you…?

It will cease to be a problem >>——<< It won’t be a problem anymore

One grows weary in these matters. >>——<< I’m getting tired of this junk.

This appeared to rectify the problem >>——<< This seemed to fix the problem

Your arrival >>——<< When you get here,

Please state your business >>——<< Can I help you?

We note that you have not… >>——<< You haven’t…

I would be grateful if you could reply early. >>——<< Please get back to me ASAP.

I’d really appreciate it if you could… >>——<< Could you…?

We would like to >>——<< We want to

Would you like me to…? >>——<< Shall I…?

To consider >>——<< To think about

This demonstrates… >>——<< This shows that …

To distinguish >>——<< To tell the difference

We are in receipt of >>——<< We’ve received

Revision should be done >>——<< You should revise

This will be of great benefit to you >>——<< It will do you good

How are you doing? >>——<< What’s going on?

I am writing to inform you… >>——<< Just a note to say…

I am afraid I will not be able to attend >>——<< Sorry, I can’t make it.

The experiment was carried out/ performed >>——<< They did the experiment

Thank you for your email of the 10 of March >>——<< Thanks for your mail on 10 Mar

Please let us know of your requirements  >>——<< What do you need?

People consume a tremendous amount of… >>——<< People use a huge amount of

Please let me know when you will be available. >>——<< Let me know if we can get together.

I hope to hear from you at your earliest convenience >>——<< Write back soon!

As per our telephone conversation on today’s date >>——<< As we discussed this morning

We would be honored if you would attend this event >>——<< It would be great if you could attend this event.

We can assist in the resolution of this matter. >>——<< I can help you to solve this problem.

I am afraid your child is experiencing difficulty >>——<< Your kid is making trouble

I look forward to meeting you next week. >>——<< See you next week.

Useful Formal and Informal Expressions | Image 1.

Formal and Informal ExpressionsPin

Useful Formal and Informal Expressions | Image 2.

Formal and Informal ExpressionsPin

Formal and Informal Expressions | Image 3.

Useful Formal and Informal Expressions in EnglishPin

Formal and Informal Expressions | Image 4.

Useful Formal and Informal Expressions in EnglishPin

Useful Formal and Informal Expressions | Image 5.

Useful Formal and Informal Expressions in EnglishPin

Formal and Informal Expressions | Image 6.

Useful Formal and Informal Expressions in English

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