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200+ Answers to Common English Questions


How to answers to common English questions with pictures and video. Learn these questions and answers commonly used in daily English conversations to improve your English.

Learn more with common expressions to introduce yourself in English.

Answers to Common English Questions

  • Question: What’s your name?


– My name is Sophia.

– I’m Liam.


  • Question: Where are you from?


– I’m from France.

– I come from the UK.


  • Question: Where do you live?

Answer: I live in Paris.


  • Question: How old are you?


– I’m 26 years old.

– I’m 28.


  • Question: When is your birthday?

Answer: My birthday is on January 1st.


  • Question: What is your phone number?

Answer: My phone number is 61709832145.


  • Question: What’s your email address?

Answer: It’s liam123@gmail.com.


  • Question: What do you do?/ What’s your job?


– I’m a student.

– I work in a bank.

– I’m unemployed at the moment.

– I work as a tour guide for a local tour company.


  • Question: What line of work are you in?

Answer: I work in sales.


  • Question: What company do you work for?

Answer: I work for an investment bank.


  • Question: What religion are you ?

Answer: I am a Christian.


  • Question:  What is your marital status?


– I’m married.

– I’m single.


  • Question: Are you married?


– Yes! I’m married.

– No , but looking for someone nice.


  • Question: Do you have a boyfriend/ girlfriend?


– I have a boyfriend/ girlfriend.

– I’m not dating anyone.


  • Question: How many children do you have?


– I have 2 children.

– I do not have any children.


  • Question: Do you have any siblings?


– I don’t have any siblings.

– I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters.


  • Question: Who do you live with?


– I live with my wife and children.

– I live with my parents.


  • Question: What time do you get up?

Answer: I usually get up at 5.30am.


  • Question: When do you do morning exercises?

Answer: I often do morning exercises at 6am.


  • Question: What time do you have breakfast?

Answer: I have breakfast at 6.30am.


  • Question: What time do you go to bed?

Answer: I go to bed at 11pm.


  • Question: What’s your hobby?


– I like playing football, reading books, skateboarding, swimming.

– I am interested in playing guitar.

– My hobbies are listening to music, dancing, playing tennis and collecting coins.


  • Question: What’s your favorite food?

Answer: My favorite food is Spaghetti.


  • Question: What’s your favorite color?

Answer: My favorite color is green.


  • Question: What’s your favorite drink?

Answer: My favorite drink is beer.


  • Question: What kinds of films do you like?

Answer: I am really interested in horror, action film.


  • Question: Did you like the movie?

Answer: It’s one of the best I’ve ever seen.


  • Question: Where do you study?

Answer: I am a student at Stanford University.


  • Question: What time do you go to school?

Answer: I go to school at 6.40am.


  • Question: How do you get to school?

Answer: I usually take the bus.

  • Question: What is your major?

Answer: My major is Computer Science.


  • Question: Why do you study English?/ Why are you studying English?


– Because It’s very important and necessary.

– Because I love to improve my English skills.


  • Question: What do you want to do after you graduate?


– I would like to be a software engineer.

– I want to be a programmer.


  • Question: How did you learn English?


– I took classes for three years.

– I did an intensive course.

– I’ve been studying by myself.

– I picked it up from movies and songs.

– My friend taught me.


  • Question: How many languages do you speak?

Answer: I speak two languages.


  • Question: Can you speak English?


– I can speak English very well.

– I can express myself and communicate in English.


  • Question: How long have you learning English?


– I’ve been learning English since I was 6.

– I’ve been learning English for 10 years.


  • Question: Which grade are you in?

Answer: I’m in 8th grade.


  • Question: Which year are you in?


– I’m in my third year.

– I am a freshman.

– I’m in my final year.


  • Question: Do you have any exams coming up?

Answer: I’ve just graduated.


  • Question: What’s your favorite subject?

Answer: My favorite subject is art.

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  • Question: What’s the weather like?/ How’s the weather?


– It is raining.

– It is hot and windy.

  • Question: What’s the temperature?

Answer: It’s 24°C.


  • Question: What time is it?


– It is 4 o’clock.

– It is half past three.

– I’m sorry. I don’t know.

– Let me check my phone.


  • Question: What’s the date today?

Answer: 17th of October.


  • Question: How are you?


– I’m fine thank you. How about you?

– Not too good. But I’ll be okay.


  • Question: Where are you going?

Answer: I’m going to the store. I need to buy something.


  • Question: What are you going to do today?

Answer: I’m going shopping.


  • Question: What are you doing?


– I am reading a book.

– I am washing dishes.


  • Question: Where would you like to go?

Answer: I would like to go to the zoo.


  • Question: What’s the matter?


– I’m not feeling so good.

– Nothing, I’m fine.


  • Question: Is there anything I can do to help?

Answer: Everything will be OK.


  • Question: What’s on your mind?


– I am just thinking.

– I was just daydreaming.

– It’s none of your business.


  • Question: What did you do last night?


– I watched TV.

– I cooked pasta and soup.


  • Question: What are you going to do tomorrow?

Answer: I’m going to go play volleyball at the beach.


  • Question: What sports can you play?

Answer: I can play tennis, basketball, football.


  • Question: Can you give me a hand?


– No problem.

– I’m afraid I can’t.


  • Question: Could you do me a favor?

Answer: I’d be happy to help you.


  • Question: Could you please give me that book?

Answer: Sure.


  • Question: Would you mind opening the window?

Answer: It would be my pleasure.


  • Question: How can I help you?/ May I help you?

Answer: Yes! I’m looking for a sweater.


  • Question: Can I try it on?

Answer: Sure, the changing rooms are over there.


  • Question: Can I try it on somewhere?

Answer: The fitting room is in the left corner.


  • Question: What size do you wear?

Answer: Medium should be fine.


  • Question: What size do you take?

Answer: I take a size 11.


  • Question: Is that a good fit?


– It’s a little too small.

– It’s just right.


  • Question: Have you got something bigger?

Answer: Of course, we’ve got larger sizes as well.


  • Question: How much is it?/ How much does it cost?

Answer: It’s 11 dollars.


  • Question: How would you like to pay?

Answer: I would like to pay by cash.


  • Question: Can I pay by credit card?

Answer: Certainly. We accept all the major cards.


  • Question: Do you need anything else?

Answer: No, thanks.


  • Question: How are you feeling?


– Great! Never better.

– Really awful.


  • Question: How was the party?


– It was a good time.

– Boring. I couldn’t wait to get outta there.


  • Question: Are you ready to order?


– We need a few more minutes.

– I’d like a cake, please!


  • Question: Would you like chicken or pasta?

Answer: I’ll have the chicken.


  • Question: What would you like to drink?


– Iced tea, please.

– Nothing for me, thanks.


  • Question: Did you save room for dessert?


– No, thank you. I am full.

– Yes, please. Can I see a list?


  • Question: How does it taste?

Answer: It’s delicious!


  • Question: Can I get you anything else?


– No, thank you.

– I’m ready for the bill, please.

– Yes, can I see a dessert menu?

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  • Question: What do you think about this event?

Answer: I really like it! What do you think?


  • Question: Are you here with anybody?

Answer: I came with my best friend.


  • Question: Have you got a pet?

Answer: I’ve got a puppy.


  • Question: How do you do?

Answer: How do you do. Pleased to meet you.


  • Question: What’s this?

Answer: This is a pencil.


  • Question: What does she look like?

Answer: She’s tall and slim with blonde hair.


  • Question: How is she?

Answer: She’s pretty.


  • Question: What is he like?

Answer: He is very smart and brave.


  • Question: Are you hungry?


– Yes. I’m hungry.

– No. I’m full.


  • Question: How do you feel about him?

Answer: He is quite friendly and helpful.


  • Question: May I open the window?

Answer: Certainly. It’s very hot in the office today!


  • Question: Do you need help?


– No, I’m good. Thanks for asking.

– Yes, please, if you don’t mind.


  • Question: What do you do every day?

Answer: I listen to music and play badminton everyday.


  • Question: What are you planning to do today?

Answer: I’m not sure yet.


  • Question: What are you planning for after work?

Answer: I’m going shopping with my friends.


  • Question: Are you free tomorrow?


– Yes, I’m free tomorrow.

– No problem, we can meet tomorrow.


  • Question: Will you join me for coffee?


– I’d love to. Thanks.

– Sorry. I’m afraid I don’t have time.


  • Question: Could we have lunch together one day?


– With pleasure.

– I’d love to but I’m very busy at the moment.


  • Question: Would you like to have dinner with me?

Answer: Yes. That would be nice.


  • Question: Where do you want to go?

Answer: I’d like to go to a Japanese restaurant.


  • Question: Would you like to come to the cinema with me tonight?


– Sure, I’d love to.

– Sorry, I can’t. I’ve got other plans.


  • Question: Would you like to play a round of golf this weekend?


– That would be great.

– I’d like to but I’m not free this weekend.


  • Question: How about coming to the barbecue at the tennis club?


– Sure! That should be fun!

– Nice of you to ask me but I’ve got an appointment.


  • Question: Have you been waiting long?


– I’ve only just arrived.

– Only a few minutes.


  • Question: How do you get to work?

Answer: I usually drive my car.


  • Question: Is it close to the subway station?

Answer: Yes, it’s very close.


  • Question: How long does it take?

Answer: It takes half an hour.


  • Question: How often do you ride the bus?

Answer: Once in a while.


  • Question: Could you tell me how to get to the police station?


– Take the second road on the right.

– It’s in the middle of the block.


  • Question: Excuse me! Is there a bank near here?


– Yes! There is a bank nearby.

– I’m sorry, I don’t know


  • Question: What’s the best way to the museum?


– Go across the bridge. Turn right. It’s on Oliver Street.

– You could ask the bus driver.


  • Question: Can I speak to Emma, please?


– Just a moment, please.

– Certainly. I’m Emma.

– I’m sorry, Emma’s not here at the moment.

– She’s not available right now.


  • Question: When will she be back?

Answer: She’ll be back in 20 minutes.


  • Question: Did you get my message?


– Yes, I did get your message.

– Oh, yeah, I think I got something from you.


  • Question: Would you like to leave a message?

Answer: Please ask her to call me back.


  • Question: How long have you been working here?

Answer: I’ve been working here five years.


  • Question: What time does the meeting start?

Answer: The meeting will start at 9am.


  • Question: What time does the meeting finish?

Answer: The meeting will finish at 11am.

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(Answers to Common English Questions…)

  • Question: Are you sick?

Answer: Yes. I’m sick.


  • Question: What are your symptoms?


– I’ve got a headache.

– I’ve been feeling sick.


  • Question: How long have you been feeling like this?

Answer: For 2 days.


  • Question: Are you on any sort of medication?

Answer: I need a sick note.


  • Question: Where’s the counter, please?


– I don’t know. Let’s go to Information.

– It’s over here, next to gate 7.


  • Question: May I have your passport, please?

Answer: Yes, of course. Here you are.


  • Question: Do you have anything to declare?

Answer: No, nothing. Just the normal allowance.


  • Question: Do you have any bags to check?

Answer: Yes, there’s this suitcase.


  • Question: Would you prefer an aisle seat or a window seat?

Answer: Aisle, please.


  • Question: What’s the purpose of your trip?


– I’m here on business.

– I’m on vacation.


  • Question: Where are you going to be staying?

Answer: With some friends in the Sheraton Hanoi Hotel.


  • Question: How long are you staying in Hanoi?

Answer: About 2 weeks.


  • Question: Could you tell me where Gate E is?


– Go straight ahead.

– I’m sorry, I don’t know.


  • Question: Can I help you find something?

Answer: Yes, I’m looking for coffee.


  • Question: Could you tell me where the meat is?

Answer: If you go to the frozen food section, you’ll find the meat there.


  • Question: Where can I find the non-fat biscuits?

Answer: They’re in aisle 9.


  • Question: How much would you like?


– I’d like half a kilo.

– I’d like 200 grams of meat please.


  • Question: Can you offer me any discount?


– I can’t offer you that discount.

– I’m sure I could offer you a discount.


  • Question: Do you need any help packing?

Answer: I can manage myself thank you.


  • Question: Would you like a receipt?


– Yes, thanks.

– That would be great.


  • Question: What times are you open?

Answer: We’re open from 8am to 9pm, seven days a week.


  • Question: What time do you open?

Answer: We open at 9am.


  • Question: What time do you close?

Answer: We close at 6pm.


  • Question: Do you have a reservation?


– Yes, I do.

– No, I don’t.


  • Question: What kind of room would you like?

Answer: I’d like a single room, please.


  • Question: May I see your ID, please?

Answer: Certainly. Here it is.


  • Question: Could I see the room?


– Your room is on the second floor.

– Your room number is 401.


  • Question: Do you have a credit card, sir?

Answer: Of course.


  • Question: How long will you be staying?


– Two weeks from this Monday.

– I’m here until the end of the week.


  • Question: Do you have any rooms available for the 14th of April?

Answer: I’m sorry, we don’t have any rooms available.


  • Question: How many places have you traveled to?

Answer: Well, I have visited all the provinces throughout my country.


  • Question: Have you ever been abroad?

Answer: Yes! I have. I went to Japan last year for a business trip.


  • Question: What do you usually do during your trip?

Answer: I often go sightseeing, take pictures.


  • Question: Do you prefer traveling by car, train or plane?

Answer: I prefer the plane although it is a little expensive.


  • Question: Do you prefer traveling alone or joining a guided tour?

Answer: I love backpacking with my friends.

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