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Writing Task 2: Many agricultural lands are being converted into commercial centres

 Many agricultural lands are being converted into commercial centres.

How does this affect the environment and the people’s lifestyle? Discuss this situation and provide suggestions to address these issues.

Support your answer with specific reasons and examples.

Model Answer 1:

Issues related to environmental problems are frequently discussed these days. It is generally accepted that the majority of farming fields are now transformed into modern shopping centres. Therefore, some problems and solutions for this issue will be discussed.

The first problem to consider is that many lives of individuals are getting affected by the development of modern buildings. Decreasing farmland areas is one of the major problems affected many people’s lives. This allows farmers cutting down their indirect financial process in terms of declining income. Hence, this increases the expenses in their family due to the fact that they do not have enough money for payments. The possible solution to this issue is to maintain farming lands and develop agricultural products for raising earnings. Notably, people should conserve their own lands to create their innovative goods and export to the regional market. Consequently, they can boost their income and have a life sustainability.

Another outstanding issue of concern is that a slumping of agricultural fields influences animal habitats. The reason for this is that many lands are transferred into commercial centres by human processes which cause devastating effects in animals. This possibly leads to imbalance ecosystem due to the reason that human actions destroy the house of animals by deforestation. Thus, it raises the animal extinction rates and makes more detrimental effects in animals. The solution to tackle these problems is to increase maintenance of animals by the government rules. They should mainly be able to invent a strict rule for conserving animal species and against buying and selling agricultural products. As a result, these keep a sustainable environment to the world.

In conclusion, it is acceptable that agricultural lands are changed into commercialized buildings by many human methods. However, we as a human should participate more on sustaining the lands to solve environmental problems.

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