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Writing Task 2: Managing global environmental issues should be handled by one organization on a global scale

 Managing global environmental issues should be handled by one organization on a global scale.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Model answer 1 (8.5):

Green issues are rising worldwide at an alarming rate, and this type of situations had not witnessed in past times. To solve these challenges, many may say that an entity must be developed at an international level where every country takes part as a representative. I partially agree with the given notion since this planing has negatives as well as positives.

Fundamentally, some factors make me agree with the presented argument, and there are several reasons to substantiate. Firstly, with the collaboration of every nation, environmental concerns would be lowered and improved to some extent. It is evident that the teamwork always gives a positive outcome, therefore the international organization as a team of the whole world would give better result and ideas to overcome such problems. Secondly, poor nations can participate with lower funds and would get better facilities. As developing countries, like India, do not have enough budget to invest in ecological problems, but as a representative, they would get enormous support.

Nevertheless, there are some points that make disagree with the notion. Chiefly, developing an organization at an international level requires both a lot of money and time. In order to stand an entity, engagement of each nation is necessary. Without the participation of a single nation, the firm would not work properly at the given aim and collapse eventually. Moreover, the chance of inequality and discrimination is more because these organizations only stand with rich, developed countries at the time of crises and leave poorer behind. The same behaviour is a prominent cause, why many firms closed in recent times.

In conclusion, although developing a group at the world level would decrease the ecological challenges virtually, there are some drawbacks that would become a danger for such type of group. Hence, I partially agree with the solution given. Though I also think this body would work better if managed effectively.

Model Answer 2 (7.5):

Climate control is a major concern for many countries these days. I completely agree that if international issues such as the environment should be solved by the organization on a global scale is more effective then individual. This essay will discuss why I completely agree with the statement.

The first factor to support my point is, an organization on an international level is important to view climate problems for each and every country. The population is increasing globally day by day because of population, wastage of industry, such as chemical, noise from the vehicle etc. A good example of this is, 50 years ago, there are very few amounts of vehicle available in the market. People can afford only one vehicle per family. Whereas, everyone has a vehicle nowadays. This cause air pollution and noise pollution.

The second factor is, each and every country can participate in this organization. The main benefit of this is teamwork. If developing countries like India and some small countries which they do not have enough budget to take more steps against environmental issues, In this matter, as a representative of the global organization other countries can support and solve this major problem in a team. If they try to solve this type of global issues individually they can do on their own. In addition, funding is the main benefit of this organization.

To conclude, I completely agree that managing international level issues like environment should be handled by the organization on a global scale. I would say that this is the most ideal way to deal with this major concern.

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