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Writing Task 2: In many countries, the age of criminals is getting lower

In many countries, the age of criminals is getting lower.

Give reasons and solutions to the problem.

Support your position with relevant example.

Model Answer 1

Recent global statistics have shown that the average age of individuals who engage in crime has dropped. This means that more young adults and adolescents are involved in crimes in the recent years, than ever before. Why is this so? Most importantly, what can be done to fix this impending time bomb? This essay will address the reasons behind this problem, including ineffective monitoring of children and lack of counsellors. This essay will also suggest ways by which this problem can be fixed, including effective parental advice and provision of counsellors.

In my opinion, the two main causes of teenage crimes today are lack of parental monitoring and absence of counsellors. The average parent in the society also doubles as the child’s adviser. Many times, the guardians have to juggle between work and home schedules, leaving the kids with little or no guidance. As a result of this, the kids can afford to engage in criminal activities without the knowledge of their parents. For example, a study at Harvard showed that children with two working parents are 30% more likely to engage in criminal activities and end up in juvenile homes, than kids with one working parent.

Effective parental guidance and provision of counselling units are ways by which the teenagers of the society can be prevented from going astray. It is understandable that parents have to work; however, they should be able to maintain a work-home balance which will not affect the upbringing of the children. By deliberately creating more time, the children are well monitored. In addition, the government should provide extra counsellor in schools and educational institutions where students can walk in freely for counselling. This method has proven to be effective in some countries. For instance, a reduction in crime was recorded in Finland, following the government’s provision of a guidance and counselling department in each school. Hence, I believe creating sufficient time for parenting and providing an advice unit in institutes is a step in the right direction towards curbing this problem.

In summary, recent reports have shown that adolescents are getting involved in crime. This write-up discussed the reasons behind this development. Furthermore, this write-up recommended ways this negative development can be reversed gradually.

Model Answer 2

Unlike the past, in many countries, people are seen engaged in criminal activities at an early age. There are two major reasons behind this and if appropriate measures are taken, the problem can be addressed properly.

Of the two major reasons, the first is personal issues. To be clearer, there exist serious issues between the members of most modern families. These issues are often because of emotional conflicts, financial pressure and at times due to personality changes. It is to be understood that the relationships in these families are extremely fragile, and hence disputes are seen more frequent. Children of such families are often neglected and as a result, a sense of hostility is developed in their minds, which eventually make them delinquents at a very younger age.

The second cause of this issue is due to the negative influence of the society. Even though most people in the modern societies have a socially acceptable character, there exists a minority who are engaged in illegal affairs like drug trafficking and smuggling. It is a fact that the youth are generally curious in experimenting with adventurous activities, and hence they are passively dragged into these. Once they are into such activities, it is hard for them to think of a comeback. Technological advancements including the social media also play a key role in making the youth delinquent.

Turning to the solution, the first is to make the young children educated about the difference between good and bad. This can be done at homes by their parents and schools can include moral lessons in their academic curriculum. The society should also remain safe and peaceful for its people, and the media should be periodically censored.

To conclude, it is clear that the primary factors behind the growing number of criminals among the youth are personal and social. It is also clear that the solutions for the same are very much practical.

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