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Writing Task 2: E-mail is now the easiest way to communicate with families and friends all over the world

E-mail is now the easiest way to communicate with families and friends all over the world. Some people say that it does not have the sincerity of handwritten letters.

Do you agree or disagree?

Give specific details and examples to support your opinion.

Model Answer Band 8

In the digital world these days, modern technologies have revolutionized human life in many aspects, especially in people’s daily communication. It is undeniable that with the advent of email, people nowadays can easily keep in contact with their family members and friends worldwide. However, it is argued that compared with writing letters, sending emails seems to fail to express the writers’ affection. In my opinion, I totally disagree with this view because of several reasons below.

First of all, it is unjustifiable to assert the view that emails cannot reflect sincerity as handwritten letters. Some people hold an argument that letters can give more personal touch to receivers since they think that some features of a person’s handwriting such as the size of words or the space between characters can reflect the feelings of writers at that moment. However, I am more convinced that the main factors which play a decisive role in showing people’s emotions are not the format and the characteristic calligraphy, yet through the way that people choose words or express their own thoughts. An email for a job application, for instance, not only shows the professionalism and politeness of a candidate, but it also reflects the writer’s interests and sincerity for the vacancy if he or she puts serious efforts into choosing the suitable writing style.

In addition, thanks to the developments of new technology, email users are now able to detach images or audio files. Such things can make great contributions in conveying writers’ emotions and thoughts. For example, grandparents who live far away from their grandchildren can feel the affection of their loving children through emails which are sent along with some photos taken about children’s daily life. These old people can also be happy and excited when they can hear the voice of their family members via audios just in a second rather than waiting for a few days or even weeks to receive letters that can only show words.

In conclusion, due to the aforementioned reasons, I am not convinced by the view that emails are not as sincere as handwritten letters since I strongly believe that emails can fulfil the roles of keeping connections among people as well as conveying their emotions and sincerity.

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