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IELTS Vocabulary: from this week's essay

 Did you write down the good vocabulary from the essay that I shared on Wednesday? Here are the 'band 7-9' words, collocations and phrases that I used:

  • are increasingly likely to
  • take on the role of househusband
  • breadwinners
  • equal rights movements
  • made great progress
  • gain qualifications
  • pursue a career
  • become socially acceptable
  • the rising cost of living
  • marriage partners
  • starting a family
  • personal preference
  • should be seen as progress
  • equal opportunities
  • put under pressure
  • sacrifice their careers
  • assume childcare responsibilities
  • parental role
  • their particular circumstances and needs
  • wider changes in society
  • these developments are desirable

Try writing your own full sentences using each vocabulary item above.

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