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IELTS Vocabulary: weekly review

 Do you keep a notebook for useful words and phrases? And do you review the vocabulary in it regularly?

For example, here's a quick review of some useful vocabulary from the last seven days of lessons on this blog:

  • compile a list
  • build a repertoire
  • the current generation of language learners
  • don't know how lucky they are
  • they have the Internet at their disposal
  • they have access to videos, podcasts and audiobooks
  • they have the chance to immerse themselves in the language
  • to take advantage of
  • overuse of a word
  • the charts compare three countries in terms of...
  • dispose of harmful waste
  • hazardous materials
  • are buried underground / are recycled
  • know the basics
  • rely on pre-prepared meals
  • that would surely be a good thing

Remember: Understanding a word is not the same as being able to use it. Practise using the phrases above in your own sentences.

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