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IELTS Listening: Basic Information

 The Listening Test is the first thing you have to do when you take an IELTS exam. If your exam is at the Manchester test centre, you should arrive at 9.15am. You will be taken to an exam room and your ID documents will be checked. The Listening Test starts at 10.00am.

The Listening Test has 4 sections. Each section contains 10 questions, so there are 40 questions in total. The test lasts about 30 minutes, then you have an extra 10 minutes to write your answers on an answer sheet.

Here are some of the problems students have with IELTS Listening:

  • You only have ONE chance to listen to the recording.
  • Correct spelling is important.
  • Different English accents are used.
  • Some of the questions are designed to trick you.

To solve these problems, we need to do a lot of listening and spelling practice. There are also some exam tips and techniques that I can give you. However, listening practice will help you much more than exam techniques.

If you want to have "a good ear", you need to listen to as much English as possible. We'll start in next week's lesson.

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