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IELTS Academic Reading: Basic Information

 The Reading Test is immediately after the Listening Test at 10.40am. You do not get a break.

There are 3 sections in the Reading Test. Each section has 13 or 14 questions, making 40 questions in total. The test lasts 60 minutes, and in that time you must write your answers on an answer sheet.

Here are some of the problems students have with IELTS Reading:

  • Time is the biggest problem. Many students don't manage to finish the test.
  • The texts are long and contain some difficult vocabulary.
  • Students find "paragraph headings" questions difficult.
  • Students find "true/ false/ not given" questions difficult.

IELTS Reading is really a test of your vocabulary. If your knowledge of English words and phrases is good, you will do well. 

There are techniques that can help you to work faster and cope with the difficult question types. However, the best way to improve your IELTS Reading score is by doing a lot of reading and vocabulary work.

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