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IELTS Writing Task 2: vocabulary and grammar review

Let's review some of the good topic vocabulary from the three media essay that I shared recently.

Remember: these are collocations and phrases, not big or 'academic' words.

  • the most powerful of these media
  • not the best medium
  • a much more effective medium
  • the most dynamic of these media
  • its ability to communicate information
  • the communication of up-to-date information
  • reliable sources of information
  • research a subject in depth
  • news broadcasts
  • what the broadcaster is describing
  • events as they happen
  • events as they take place
  • no visual element
  • brings us closer to reality
  • the body language of a politician
  • interrupted by advertisements
  • presented in limited depth
  • excellent communication tools
  • an even greater impact on the viewer

And here's a task for grammar fans. Can you find the following in the essay?

  1. a noun phrase added on the end of a sentence (after a comma)
  2. a compound sentence
  3. a complex sentence
  4. three different verb tenses
  5. three pronouns that refer back to nouns
  6. a relative pronoun
  7. two examples of passive verbs
  8. extra information surrounded by commas
  9. use of a semicolon to link two related sentences
  10. an extra clause added on the end of a sentence (after a comma)

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