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IELTS Vocabulary: weekly review

Here's a list of the good vocabulary from this week's blog lessons. Copy the words and phrases, and see if you can use them in your own sentences.

Writing task 2:

  • homework is an unnecessary burden on children
  • there is evidence to support the idea that...
  • improve educational outcomes
  • top (verb) international league tables
  • outperform (verb)
  • setting homework is the norm
  • play time is just as beneficial as study time
  • from the perspective of

Writing task 1:

  • the table compares..... in terms of.....
  • experienced (verb) educational problems
  • reduce the incidence of
  • saw a rise in
  • children who were struggling

Speaking part 2:

  • a small, family-run place
  • all the more welcoming and inviting
  • to catch up with someone (informal)
  • what we had been up to (informal)
  • made us feel at home
  • from the moment we walked in
  • polite, approachable and attentive
  • nothing was too much to ask
  • the delicious food, good company and friendly service
  • made it an unforgettable evening

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