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IELTS Vocabulary: groups of words

Individual words (e.g. big, difficult or unusual words) are not the secret to getting a good vocabulary score in IELTS writing or speaking.

Instead, it's your ability to use groups of words (e.g. collocations and phrases) that will impress the examiner.

Look at these examples from the essay that I shared on Wednesday:

  • opinions differ as to whether or not
  • the setting of homework
  • a necessary aspect of
  • an unnecessary burden on
  • there is evidence to support the idea that
  • improve educational outcomes
  • regularly top international educational league tables
  • countries where..... outperform nations where.....
  • setting homework is the norm
  • is just as beneficial as
  • from the perspective of
  • brain development
  • has an important role to play in
  • the schooling of children
  • encourages independent learning and problem solving
  • are challenged to work through tasks
  • at their own pace
  • In doing so, .....
  • apply the knowledge
  • consolidate their understanding
  • concepts taught by their teacher
  • develop an independent study habit
  • certainly has its drawbacks
  • the benefits outweigh them in the long term

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