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IELTS Vocabulary: from Friday's lesson

 Here's a list of the good vocabulary from Friday's speaking lesson:

  • working in a previous job
  • catch an early flight
  • a senior member of our department
  • had volunteered to
  • waiting to be picked up
  • look out for his car
  • I overslept
  • I had set my alarm
  • I must have turned it off
  • I sprang out of bed
  • got dressed in record time
  • I splashed some water on my face
  • put my shoes on without properly tying the laces
  • I was filled with a sense of panic
  • walked towards the awaiting car
  • I felt so embarrassed
  • it was obvious that I hadn’t been ready on time

These words and phrases might not seem 'difficult' or 'academic'. However, examiners don't often meet candidates who use this kind of natural, native-speaker language.

In particular, phrases like "I sprang out of bed", "I got dressed in record time" and "I splashed some water on my face" would certainly surprise an examiner.

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