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IELTS Vocabulary: band 7-9 phrases

 Here's a list of the good vocabulary from my 'climate change' essay:

  • represents a major threat to
  • tackle this issue
  • reduce the human impact
  • to prevent, or at least mitigate, climate change
  • limit the carbon dioxide emissions
  • impose “green taxes” on drivers
  • other polluters
  • invest in renewable energy production
  • energy efficient
  • voting for politicians who propose to tackle climate change
  • the consequences will be disastrous
  • not optimistic that we would be able to cope
  • rise in sea levels
  • people would be displaced
  • the means to safeguard low-lying areas
  • forced to migrate to nearby cities
  • the potential for human suffering would be huge
  • outbreaks of disease and famine
  • increased homelessness and poverty

Remember: if you want a high score in writing task 2, you need to use good 'topic vocabulary' like the examples above.

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