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IELTS Vocabulary: collocations and phrases

There were some really good collocations and phrases in the letter that I wrote last Sunday. Note them down, even if you're not doing the General Training test.

  • recommend someone for something
  • work closely with someone
  • provide a reference
  • highly qualified
  • have significant (sales, teaching, management) experience
  • to be given a post / job / position
  • demonstrate skills
  • exceptional skills
  • organisation skills
  • team building skills
  • describe someone as (dedicated, hard-working, enthusiastic)
  • professionalism in (e.g. in the classroom, in her job, in the workplace)
  • commitment to something
  • the perfect candidate ('ideal candidate' is another common collocation)
  • If you have any further questions
  • do not hesitate to contact me

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