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IELTS Vocabulary: weekly review

There were plenty of good phrases and collocations in this week's lessons. Here are just some of them:

From the reading lesson:

  • internationally known
  • a teaching philosophy
  • create an environment
  • to foster good moral character
  • pick up their native language
  • acquire their native language
  • become proficient
  • raise generations of children

From the writing task 2 lesson:

  • a positive trait or attitude
  • in the realm of education
  • diligently follow instructions
  • achieve good grades
  • take their first steps
  • the path to a successful career
  • in an employment setting
  • the most motivated, industrious and committed individuals
  • rise to the top
  • experts in their fields
  • an unhealthy obsession with
  • outcompeting others
  • neglect family and relationships
  • stressed and irritable
  • a positive trait

Task: Can you list the good phrases and collocations from Friday's speaking lesson?

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