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IELTS Grammar: mistakes using model sentences

On Thursday I suggested that you write some sentences using two of my own sentences as models. Here are the model sentences:

  1. More waste goes to landfill sites than to any other refuse management facility.
  2. Austria and Belgium are the most environmentally friendly of the fifteen countries, recycling around 60% and 50% of their waste respectively.

And here are some sentences that people wrote in the 'comments' area below the lesson. Can you find and correct the mistakes?

  1. More expenditure spends on cars than to any other consumer goods.
  2. More women go to science degrees than any other university courses.
  3. America and China are the most exported countries of all, exporting almost 2300 billion and 1600 billion respectively.
  4. America and Canada are the most culturally friendly of the fifteen countries, with welcoming 50% and 60% of foreigners respectively.

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