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IELTS Grammar: imagining something that doesn't exist

An interesting aspect of the speaking part 2 question that I answered on Friday was that I had to imagine a sports centre that doesn't currently exist.

Look at the phrases that I used when imagining:

  • The place of entertainment that I wish we had
  • My ideal sports centre would have...
  • I can think of the perfect place for this
  • It would be easy for people to get to
  • I think a sports centre would be much better
  • There could be sports lessons
  • I’m sure many adults would join the gym
  • The centre could hold sports events
  • A sports complex would give young people...
  • A sports centre would brighten up my local area

Notice that I mostly used 'would' and 'could' to imagine things. Try preparing an 'imagining' description yourself, and make sure you use these words.

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