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IELTS Vocabulary: review of this week

Here's a list of useful vocabulary from this week's lessons:

Reading and listening

  • make a resolution
  • keep a resolution
  • achieve a resolution
  • draw a conclusion
  • slip or make a mistake
  • double your efforts
  • break a goal into smaller steps
  • give yourself a reward
  • map out your progress

Writing task 2

  • experience various problems
  • considerable numbers of people
  • intense competition
  • oversupply of labour
  • an abundance of working-age adults
  • higher rates of poverty
  • falling living standards
  • meet the demand for
  • provision of housing and public services
  • rates of crime and antisocial behaviour
  • the needs of .......... are not met
  • poorer working conditions
  • bring wages down
  • exploit workers
  • forced to migrate abroad
  • in search of work
  • an exodus of well-qualified young graduates
  • brain drain
  • not a desirable outcome


  • a specific example of
  • it's thought to be
  • I'd probably say that
  • the most impressive .......... that I've ever seen
  • areas of woodland
  • commonly found in
  • it stands out from
  • has traditionally been used in
  • a tourist attraction
  • to marvel at something
  • it symbolises history, strength and reliability
  • legendary or mythical status
  • the stories that are associated with it

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