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7-day IELTS writing course (task 2)

How exactly do the writing band descriptors work? What are the most important things to focus on if you want to improve your writing score? How do you write the kind of essay that examiners want to see?

These are the questions that I’ll be answering on a new 7-day writing course (task 2 only, academic and general) that will take place from June 10th to 16th.

Through video lessons, worksheets and daily homework tasks, I’ll show you how to meet the band descriptor requirements. There will be no secret tricks or techniques, just a proper explanation, and plenty of examples, of how to write with the scoring criteria in mind. I’ve never taught IELTS writing with such a close analysis of the scoring system before, so I’m looking forward to trying something new!

You’ll be able to sign up to the course from tomorrow, and I’ll give you some more details (including prices).

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