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IELTS Writing Task 2: two unusual things

Did you notice the two unusual things about the essay that I shared in last Wednesday's lesson?

  1. The first unusual thing was that I wrote five paragraphs instead of my normal four. If you read the question, it should be obvious why I wrote three main body paragraphs instead of two.
  2. The second unusual thing was that I began the essay with the phrase This essay will discuss. I don't usually write a 'thesis statement', but I think it works well for this particular task.

If you have time, compare my 'three media' essay with any other essay that you find here on my blog. I wrote almost all of the other essays using my normal method.

PS. I'll be announcing a new IELTS writing course this weekend. The course will be in June and it will last 7 days, with daily lessons delivered by email and video. I'll also check one of your essays at the end of it. I'll tell you more on Saturday.

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