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IELTS Advice: stories and 'natural' linking

 Did you notice that my sample answer in Friday's speaking lesson was a story?

When telling stories, native speakers use lots of 'natural' linking words and phrases. Have a look at the following examples from my description:

  • This happened (referring to previous sentence)
  • and at some point
  • so
  • It (referring to the restaurant previously mentioned)
  • But as soon as
  • and we
  • After standing around for a few minutes
  • So, I went
  • so I suggested
  • But the manager
  • ; our only option was
  • By this time
  • yet (meaning 'but in spite of that')
  • We decided
  • and fortunately

Notice that I didn't use any of the typical linking words that people learn (Moreover, Furthermore etc.). Those lists of typical linking phrases won't help you to get a higher score. Try to practise 'natural' linking instead!

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