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IELTS Vocabulary: from yesterday's answer

 Here's a list of some good phrases that I used in yesterday's sample speaking answer. Notice that some of the phrases are perfect for the speaking test, but a little too informal for a written essay.

  • experience poor service
  • have a bite to eat (informal)
  • come across something (meaning 'find by chance')
  • book in advance
  • as soon as we walked through the door
  • things started to go wrong (informal)
  • not at all impressed with
  • the attitude of the staff
  • standing around (informal)
  • attract the attention of someone / attract someone's attention
  • only to be told that
  • a party of our size
  • to be adamant that
  • our only option was to
  • getting fed up (informal)
  • being treated as if
  • where we felt unwelcome
  • we left feeling disappointed
  • to be dismissive
  • a much friendlier place
  • just around the corner

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