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The Bathroom


There are two main uses for the bathroom. One is to have a shower or bath to clean yourself. The other is to go to the toilet.

When you want to clean yourself you use the shower (where you stand up) or the bathtub (where you sit in a lot of water).

Almost every house has a shower. This is where you clean yourself by standing in a cubicle where water comes out of a shower head (showerhead) which is situated on the wall above your head.

Sometimes the shower is not in a cubicle but combined with a bathtub. When this happens, you usually need a shower curtain so that the water doesn't splash onto the bathroom floor. This shower curtain usually has curtain rings which are then held in position by a curtain rod.

rubber mat is placed on the floor of the shower so that you don't accidentally slip.

When you are in the shower and you don't want your hair to get wet you put on a shower cap which is a plastic covering for your hair.

To clean the dirt off your body you use soap. You can find this in the soap dish. Some people like to use shower gel which comes in a plastic bottle instead of soap.

You can use a facecloth or flannel to help you remove the soap from your body.

You use shampoo to clean your hair and then conditioner to make it softer and easier to comb.

After you have washed your hair, you can use a hair dryer to dry it. This is an electrical appliance which blow hot air at your hair.

You can dry yourself with a towel which is normally hanging on the towel rail.

Another use for the bathroom is to go the toilet. Remember to use toilet paper to clean your private parts when you have finished.

You finish using the toilet you have to flush it. If whatever is in the toilet doesn't disappear, you might have to use a plunger to help push it down the drain. A toilet brush is used to clean the inside of the toilet.

Women usually hate it when men leave the toilet seat up.

If the toilet smells bad after someone has used it, you might want to use air freshener so that smells nice again.

Remember to wash your hands after going to the toilet. You use the sink to do this. Another way of saying sink is washbasin or hand basin.

The sink contains a faucet or tap where the cold water and hot water come out. The water then goes into the sink. If there isn't a plug, the water then disappears down the drain. To dry your hands, you can use a hand towel.

Above the hand basin you will normally find a mirror. You use a mirror to see yourself and to help you brush your hair. Sometimes the mirror is actually the door of a medicine cabinet which is a place to keep your medicine. This is sometimes called a medicine chest too.

After every meal you should brush your teeth. You need to put some toothpaste on your toothbrush to clean them properly.

Men often have hair that grows on their face. If there is a lot of hair, it is called a beard. BUT if a man doesn't want a beard he uses a shaver to remove it. The razor is the sharp blade that is used to cut.

You leave all of your dirty clothes in the laundry basket. Sometimes this basket is called a hamper.

When you want to see how much you weigh, you use a scale.

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