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Baby Room - Nursery Room


Babies need many special things made just for them.

Everything is made special, from baby clothes that are their small size to baby shampoo to wash their delicate hair.

A special type of underwear for a baby is called a diaper or a nappy. It holds all of the baby's body wastes until they learn to go to the toilet by themselves. There are two types of them, the disposal ones where you throw them away each time you change the baby, but there are also cloth diapers that you wash after every use.

The ones that you throw away have adhesive, but the cloth nappies are closed with a safety pin. A safety pin is a small needle that goes through the fabric and then closes, so that it never hurts the baby.

changing table is where the mum or dad changes the diapers of the baby and makes him/her clean.

Baby lotion is rubbed on the baby's skin to keep it soft.

Baby powder is a white powder that is rubbed on the baby's skin to keep the baby dry and many times smell nice.

Ointment is a type of medicine put on a baby's bottom to keep him or her from having a rash.

Baby wipes are like toilet paper for adults, but are thicker and wet so that they clean the baby better.

Cotton swabs are small pieces of cotton on both ends of a type of small stick. They are used to help clean the baby.

Tissues are thin sheets of cotton that you use when you sneeze and wipe your nose.

A bib is what a baby wears when it eats so that the baby doesn't get his/her clothes dirty. Babies eat special food called baby food that is normal food mashed to become soft and easy for the baby to eat.

Before babies can eat baby food they drink milk. Milk can come from their mother or from a special formula. The milk that does not come directly from the mother is put in a baby bottle for the baby to suck on.

nipple is named for the part of the mother's breast from where the baby drinks the milk. It is also the name of the rubber part of the bottle where the baby drinks. It is sometimes also called the teat.

mobile is a decoration that hangs over the crib. There are different objects hanging down for the baby to see while he is awake in his crib which is the special small bed for a baby. It normally has a type of fence or wall around the four sides so that the baby does not fall out.

cradle is a small bed for a newly born baby that rocks, it is also sometimes called a cot.

bouncer is a great toy for a baby. It has a seat for the baby to sit in and hangs from the ceiling so that the baby can bounce up and down.

walker is a toy on wheels that a baby can hold on to while it is learning how to walk.

potty is the name for a small portable toilet for a young child to learn how to use the toilet.

pacifier is a piece of plastic that is placed in the baby's mouth to keep the baby busy sucking on the object. Mums use the pacifier to keep the baby from crying. Another name for a pacifier is a dummy.

booster seat or a baby seat is a special chair for a baby that is placed on top of a normal chair. It helps them to be taller so that they can reach the table when then eat. For younger babies they have a special chair called a highchair that has a little table attached to the chair so that the baby can eat and cannot fall out of the chair.

car seat is a special chair that is placed in a car on top of the normal seat that is made special so that the baby is always safe while riding in the car.

doll is a special toy for a baby that looks like a person. Often little children carry around their own doll like it is their own baby. Another special type of soft toy is a stuffed animal. It is a soft toy in the shape of an animal. The most famous kind of stuffed animal is the teddy bear.

Other toys for babies include blocks. Blocks are small cubes of wood or plastic. The babies play with the blocks and learn to build different objects by stacking the blocks.

rattle is a small toy for a baby that has small objects inside of a ball with a handle. The rattle lets the baby shake it and make a noise.

Babies are often in pain when they have new teeth coming in. A teething ring is a special toy that a baby can chew on to help then with the pain of their new teeth.

toy chest is a box where the parents keep all of the baby's toys.

baby carrier is a special object that attaches to the dad or mum and allows them to carry the baby without using his or her hands.

pushchair or stroller is a chair for the baby to sit in that has wheels on the bottom so that the parent can walk and push the baby in the chair at the same time. A pram is similar, but the baby lays down in a bed, rather than sitting up in a chair.

play pen is a small area with four walls around it so that the baby has a space to play, but cannot get out to the rest of the room. It provides a safe place for the baby to play.

nightlight is a small light that shines so that it is bright enough that the child can see in the darkness and isn't afraid, but not bright enough to bother the child while he/she sleeps. Some adults who are afraid of the dark still sleep with a nightlight.

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