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Another Word for “Overall” | 85+ Synonyms for “Overall” with Useful Examples


What is another word for “overall”? Following is a list of commonly used synonyms for “overall” with example sentences and ESL pictures. Learning these words to use instead of “overall” will help you broaden your English vocabulary.

Overall Synonym

“Overall” Definition and Examples

Meaning of “Overall”:

Overall means in general or including everything. By definition overall means from one end to one end or in general. As a noun overalls mean a loose-fitting protective Outer garment worn over clothing to protect it.


  • The sauce ruined the overall taste of the meal.
  • We had to start the overall event from scratch.
  • He had to get a new overall because he’s was torn.

Other Words for “Overall”

Common synonyms for the word “overall”.

  • All in all
  • Altogether
  • As a rule
  • Basically
  • By and large
  • Chiefly
  • For the most part
  • Generally
  • Generally speaking
  • In general
  • In the main
  • On average
  • On balance
  • On the whole
  • To a large extent

Large list of 85+ different words to use instead of “overall”.

  • Absolutely
  • Accordingly
  • Across
  • Again
  • All in all
  • All over
  • All together
  • Altogether
  • Anyway
  • Anywhere
  • Approximately
  • Around
  • As a rule
  • As a whole
  • Basically
  • Best
  • Bottom
  • Briefly
  • Broadly
  • By and large
  • Chiefly
  • Collectively
  • Commonly
  • Completely
  • Comprehensively
  • Consistently
  • Ecumenically
  • Entirely
  • Essentially
  • Eventually
  • Extensively
  • Finally
  • For the most part
  • Frequently
  • Fully
  • Generally
  • Generally speaking
  • Generically
  • Globally
  • Holistically
  • In general
  • In overall
  • In the long run
  • In the main
  • Including
  • Indiscriminately
  • Jointly
  • Just
  • Largely
  • Lengthwise
  • Mainly
  • Moderately
  • Mostly
  • Nonetheless
  • Normally
  • On average
  • On balance
  • On the whole
  • Ordinarily
  • Popularly
  • Predominantly
  • Primarily
  • Principally
  • Regularly
  • Roughly
  • Substantially
  • Taken as a whole
  • Thereby
  • Therefore
  • Thoroughly
  • Though
  • Throughout
  • Thus
  • To a large extent
  • Together
  • Total
  • Totally
  • Typically
  • Ultimately
  • Universally
  • Unreservedly
  • Usually
  • Wherever
  • Wholly
  • Widely

Overall Synonyms Infographic

Another Word for Overall | 85+ Synonyms for "Overall" with Useful ExamplesPin

Another Word for Overall

Overall Synonyms with Examples

Learn another word for “overall” with example sentences.

  • All in all

All in all, her condition is greatly improved.

  • Altogether

I’d like to have 100 sheets altogether.

  • As a rule

As a rule I don’t go to the office on Saturday morning.

  • Basically

Basically, the article can be summarized in three sentences.

  • By and large

By and large, I enjoyed my time at school.

  • Chiefly

Chiefly, I ask you to remember to write to your elderly mother.

  • For the most part

For the most part, people seemed pretty friendly.

  • Generally

Generally, a book has an introduction.

  • Generally speaking

Generally speaking, it’s quite a fair settlement.

  • In general

 In general, the changes they had made were to be welcomed.

  • In the main

In the main, the money raised goes to children’s charities.

  • On average

On average, the electrons travel from the cathode to the anode.

  • On balance

On balance, the company has had a successful year.

  • On the whole

On the whole, I’m happy with the way I look.

  • To a large extent

To a large extent, however, Wright thinks people tend to refresh each other.

Synonyms for Overall with Examples | Infographic

Another Word for Overall | 85+ Synonyms for "Overall" with Useful Examples

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