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Chose vs. Choose: How to Use Choose vs. Chose in Sentences


Learn the difference between chose vs. choose. When it comes to verbs, the different forms can be quite confusing. Fortunately, the confusion caused by these two words choose vs. chose can be cleared up with ease.

Chose vs. Choose

Both words are different forms of the same verb: to choose, which means “decide on a course of action” or “pick up something as being the best or most appropriate of two or more alternatives”. The only difference between chose vs. choose is their tensechose is the past tense of the verb, while choose is the present tense of the verb.

When to Use Choose

You use choose when talking about doing something now or in general.


  • It’s hard for me to choose between these two.
  • Salty or spicy chips? I can never choose.

When to Use Chose

You use chose when talking about something you did in the past.


  • I had bad grades so I chose to drop out of school.
  • We chose some curtains with a flower motif.

Tips for the Differences between Choose vs. Chose

For remembering which of the two you should use, look at how the word choose looks like. It has two o’s in the middle which look like someone’s eyes. Pretend that you have to choose something really important right now, so you need both eyes (o’s in this case) for that.

Chose vs. Choose Examples

  • I made a suggestion but they chose to ignore it.
  • They chose a famous barrister to represent them in court.
  • The judge chose to ignore the views of the doctors.
  • chose to learn German rather than French.
  • John chose the least expensive of the book in these books.
  • He chose his words carefully when commenting on her work.
  • You can choose either a fixed or floating interest rate for the loan.
  • It is always important to choose enjoyable, nutritious foods.
  • I like to read deeply in any subject that I choose to study.
  • We have to choose a new manager from a shortlist of five candidates.
  • Students are given the freedom to choose their own topics.
  • It is difficult to choose between two such nice houses.

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Chose or Choose: Difference between Chose vs. Choose

Chose vs. Choose

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