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10+ Useful Sexuality Idioms, Phrases and Sayings


Sexuality Idioms and Expressions! Learn useful phrases and idioms about sexuality in English with meaning, ESL picture and example sentences.

Sexuality Idioms, Phrases and Sayings

List of Sexuality Idioms in English

  • (To) Bat/Play for Both Teams
  • (To) Bat/Play for the Other Team
  • (To) Fu** (Or Screw) The Dog (Pooch)
  • Babe Magnet
  • Bedroom Eyes
  • Boy Toy
  • Come Out of the Closet
  • Have the Hots for (Somebody)
  • Knock Up
  • Make Love
  • Red-Light District
  • Sugar Daddy
  • The Birds and the Bees

Sexuality Idioms with Meaning and Examples

(To) Bat/Play for Both Teams

  • Meaning: To be bisexual.
  • ExampleJake bats for both teams. You’ll see him with women, but he’s had several relationships with guys.

(To) Bat/Play for the Other Team

  • Meaning: To be homosexual.
  • ExampleDon’t bother asking Susan out-she plays for the other team.

Note: This is rather old-fashioned, but still understood.

(To) Fu** (Or Screw) The Dog (Pooch)

  • Meaning: To make an embarrassing error
  • ExampleIt’s OK if you make a few mistakes at first. Just don’t screw the pooch.

Note: This is obscene.

Babe Magnet

  • Meaning: A man to whom women are attracted
  • Example: I like to go out to the bars with John-he’s a real babe magnet, so I get to meet lots of women too.

Note: Also “chick magnet.” These are North American.

Bedroom Eyes

  • Meaning: An expression of the eyes that seems to invite sex
  • ExampleI can tell by your bedroom eyes that you want to go home with me.

Boy Toy

  • Meaning: A young man who is the lover of an older, often wealthier woman (see toyboy)
  • ExampleAs they get older, glamorous actresses like to be seen in the company of a boy toy.

Come Out of the Closet

  • Meaning: Reveal a secret about oneself, usually that one is gay (homosexual)
  • Example: In the 1950s gay actors rarely came out of the closet, but now ir’s rare to find one who hasn’t done so.

Have the Hots for (Somebody)

  • Meaning: To be (sexually) attracted to somebody
  • ExampleI really have the hots for Samantha, and now she’s agreed to go out with me. Excited!

Knock Up

  • Meaning: To impregnate a woman. Often used in the form “knocked up”.
  • ExamplePam wanted to go to college, but she got knocked up, so she had to put her plans on hold.

Make Love

  • Meaning: To have sexual intercourse
  • ExampleYou only live once. Let’s drink beer and make love on the beach!

Note: An older sense of this phrase was “to court,” but that is now obsolete.

Red-Light District

  • Meaning: A neighborhood with many houses of prostitution
  • ExamplePolice keep trying to clear out prostitution in the red-light district, but the streetwalkers always come back again.

Sugar Daddy

  • Meaning: A rich man who is generous with younger women in return for sexual favors
  • ExampleHow did I pay for college? I found a sugar daddy who helped me out. All I had to do was spend the night with him once a week.

The Birds and the Bees

  • Meaning: Human sexuality and reproduction
  • Example: My daughter is asking questions about where she came from. I guess it’s time to tell her about the birds and the bees.

Note: This is typically used in describing a conversation with a child.

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Useful Sexuality Idioms in English

Sexuality Idioms

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