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HEART Idioms: Useful Heart Idioms & Sayings in English


Heart Idioms and Phrases! List of useful HEART idioms and sayings with meaning, ESL picture and example sentences in English. Learn these phrases with heart to improve your English vocabulary and communication skill.

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Heart Idioms ad Sayings

List of Phrases and Idioms with Heart

  • After One’s Own Heart
  • Bare One’s Heart (Soul)
  • Change of Heart
  • Eat Your Heart Out! (excl.)
  • Follow Your Heart
  • From the Bottom of One’s Heart
  • In a Heart beat
  • Touch One’s Heart

Useful Heart Idioms with Meaning and Examples

After One’s Own Heart

  • Meaning: Similar in a pleasing way
  • ExampleYou’re a woman after my own heart – few people like Irish food, but I know you’ll always go out for bangers and mash with me.

Bare One’s Heart (Soul)

  • Meaning: To confess one’s deepest secrets
  • ExampleLast night my girlfriend bared her soul and told me about her difficult childhood.

Change of Heart

  • Meaning: A change in one’s opinion or outlook
  • ExampleI’ve had a change of heart – you can go ahead and go to the movie with your boyfriend, even though I told you you couldn’t.

Eat Your Heart Out! (excl.)

  • Meaning: Go ahead, be jealous.
  • Example: My dad is buying me a new car. Eat your heart out!

Follow Your Heart

  • Meaning: Rely on one’s deeper feelings and instincts when making a decision
  • ExampleYes, you might make less money that job, but if it really attracts you, you should follow your heart.

From the Bottom of One’s Heart

  • Meaning: Sincerely and with deep feeling
  • ExampleI want to tell you from the bottom of my heart how much I appreciate your help.

In a Heart beat

  • Meaning: Immediately (This is especially used in hypothetical situations)
  • ExampleIf Joe asked me, I’d marry him in a heart beat!

Touch One’s Heart

  • Meaning: Affect someone emotionally, be touching
  • ExampleIt really touches my heart to see so many starving children and not be able to do anything about it.

Useful Heart Idioms in English | Image

HEART Idioms: Common Idioms with Heart in English

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