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EAR Idioms: Useful Phrases & Idioms with EARS


EAR Idioms and Sayings! Learn commonly used expressions and idioms with EARS in English with meaning, example sentences and ESL picture.

Useful list of common face idioms in English.

Ear Idioms and Sayings

List of Ear Idioms in English

  • All Ears
  • Give Someone an Earful
  • I’m All Ears
  • Lend an Ear
  • Play It by Ear
  • That’s Music to My Ears
  • The Walls Have Ears
  • Wet Behind the Ears

EAR Idioms with Meaning and Examples

All Ears

  • Meaning: Listening willingly, waiting for an explanation
  • ExampleWhy did you delete the file I was working on? I’m all ears.

Give Someone an Earful

  • Meaning: angrily express an opinion to someone
  • ExampleWow, my mom gave me an earful when I said I’d be home at 1 a.m. Guess I’ll be going home early!

I’m All Ears

  • Meaning: You have my attention, so you should talk
  • ExampleI’d love to hear about your trip to Indonesia. I’m all ears!

Lend an Ear

  • Meaning: Listen
  • ExampleLend an ear, and I’ll tell you what people said at the meeting yesterday.

Play It by Ear

  • Meaning: To respond to circumstances instead of having a fixed plan
  • ExampleI don’t know whether tickets will be available, but I think we should go to the airport and play it by ear.

That’s Music to My Ears

  • Meaning: I am very happy to hear this.
  • ExampleWhen the boss said I’d be getting a raise next year, that was music to my ears!

The Walls Have Ears

  • Meaning: We may be overheard; be careful what you say
  • ExampleTry to speak quietly—the walls have ears around here.

Wet Behind the Ears

  • Meaning: Inexperienced, immature, new to something
  • ExampleShawna is smart, but she’s still wet behind the ears as a programmer. She’ll need time to master the system.

Useful Expressions and Idioms about Ears | Image

EAR Idioms! Learn commonly used Idioms with EARS in English with meaning, example sentences and picture. 

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