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MONEY Vocabulary: 11 Common Phrasal Verbs about Money


Money Vocabulary! List of useful phrasal verbs about Money in English with examples and ESL picture. Learn common money phrasal verbs to enhance your finance and business vocabulary in English.

Learn more with list of money idioms and sayings in English.

Money Vocabulary

List of Phrasal Verbs about Money

  • Pay off
  • Fork out
  • Run up
  • Rip off
  • Save up
  • Put aside
  • Squirrel away
  • Pay back
  • Splash out
  • Put down
  • Come into

Money Phrasal Verbs with Meaning and Examples

Pay off

  • Meaning: Finish paying money owed for something
  • ExampleWe paid off our mortgage after fifteen years.

Fork out

  • Meaning: Spend a lot of money on something, especially unwillingly
  • ExampleWe’ve forked out a small fortune on their education.

Run up

  • Meaning: Create lots of debt
  • ExampleHow had he managed to run up so many debts?

Rip off

  • Meaning: Charge too much
  • ExampleTourists complain of being ripped off by local cab drivers.

Save up

  • Meaning: Not spend money
  • ExampleMy parents are saving up for a trip to New York.

Put aside

  • Meaning: Save an amount of money Each month
  • ExampleShe puts some money aside for her retirement.

Squirrel away

  • Meaning: Put something away in a secret place, especially money
  • ExampleThe family had a large fortune squirrelled away.

Pay back

  • Meaning: Give someone the same amount of money that you borrowed from them
  • ExampleI’ll be able to pay you back next week.

Splash out

  • Meaning: Buy something expensive
  • ExampleHe’s just splashed out on a brand new car.

Put down

  • Meaning: Pay part of the cost of something
  • ExampleWe put a 5% deposit down on the house.

Come into

  • Meaning: To be left money by somebody who has died
  • ExampleShe came into a fortune when her uncle died.

Useful Phrasal Verbs about Money | Picture

Phrasal Verbs about MONEYPin

MONEY Vocabulary: 11 Common Phrasal Verbs about Money

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