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Driving Vocabulary: 15 Common Driving Phrasal Verbs in English


Driving Vocabulary! List of common driving phrasal verbs with their meaning, ESL picture and example sentences in English to improve your fluency.

Learn more with useful list of car, speed and driving idioms in English.

Driving Vocabulary

List of Common Driving Phrasal Verbs

  • Back up
  • Buckle up
  • Cut off
  • Drive by
  • Fill up
  • Get out of
  • Pull over
  • Run over
  • Slow down
  • Turn off
  • Pull in
  • Pull out
  • Run into
  • Knock down
  • Pick up

Driving Phrasal Verbs with Meaning and Examples

List of common phrasal verbs about driving to improve your English.

Back up

  • Meaning: Make a car go backwards
  • ExampleSee if you can back up a bit further.

Buckle up

  • Meaning: Fasten your seat belt in a car, plane etc.
  • ExamplePlease buckle up now; we’re about to land.

Cut off

  • Meaning: Block someone’s way
  • ExampleA second policeman cut off his escape.

Drive by

  • Meaning: Do something out of a car
  • ExampleHe was killed in a drive-by shooting.

Fill up

  • Meaning: Put gasoline in the car until it’s completely full
  • ExampleHe filled up the tank with petrol.

Get out of

  • Meaning: Leave
  • ExampleYou must not get out of the car when it is in motion.

Pull over

  • Meaning: Stop on the side of the road
  • ExampleShe saw the ambulance coming up behind her and pulled over.

Run over

  • Meaning: Hit something/someone with a car and drive over them
  • ExampleJesica was run over by a car outside her house.

Slow down

  • Meaning: To decrease speed; to go slower
  • ExampleSlow down! You’re driving too fast.

Turn off

  • Meaning: Stop a piece of equipment working temporarily by pressing a button
  • ExampleYou forgot to turn off your blinker after you merged.

Pull in

  • Meaning: Move to the side of the road
  • ExampleWe pulled in at the side of the road.

Pull out

  • Meaning: Move away from the side of the road, etc.
  • ExampleA car pulled out in front of me.

Run into

  • Meaning: Crash into somebody/something
  • ExampleThe bus went out of control and ran into a line of people.

Knock down

  • Meaning: Hit somebody and make them fall to the ground
  • ExampleShe was knocked down by a bus.

Pick up

  • Meaning: Take someone in vehicle
  • ExampleI’ll pick you up at six.

Useful Driving Phrasal Verbs in English | Picture

Common Driving Phrasal Verbs

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