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Persuasive Essay: Definition, Examples, Topics & Tips for Writing a Persuasive Essay


Writing a persuasive essay might seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t need to be. In this article, we are going to be looking at how to write a great persuasive essay as well as taking a look at some ideas for topics. We will also take a look at a couple of examples as a way to get your creative juices flowing.

How To Write A Persuasive Essay

What Is A Persuasive Essay?

Before we begin looking at how to write this type of essay, it is important that we understand what a persuasive essay is. Below is a short description of the persuasive essay.

A persuasive essay is one which is used to convince the audience of a particular viewpoint or opinion on a specific topic.

Tips For Writing A Persuasive Essay

Now that we are familiar with the type of essay we will be writing, let’s take a look at some great ideas for how to create the best piece of writing possible.

  • The most important point when it comes to writing a good persuasive essay is to choose your stance. For example, if you are writing about the topic of ‘should the death penalty be legal in every country?’ You are going to want to choose your point of view carefully and be sure that you can deliver a convincing take on this. In most cases, it is a good idea to write on a topic that you are passionate about because this will show in your writing. The main point here is to bring your reader around to your way of thinking and without a good position, this will not be achieved.
  • Before you begin writing, you should put in a good amount of research time in order to find statistics and data that can back up your argument. In the example of the death penalty, you might find facts about lower crime rates in countries which use this method. By having solid facts in your essay, the reader will be more easily brought around to your way of thinking.
  • You should also consider the audience that you are writing for and how they are likely to respond to the essay. Consider whether the reader will be currently opposed to your argument or whether they just need some gentle swaying, this will help you to write more persuasive points.

Outlining The Persuasive Essay

Before you actually put pen to paper, it is vital that you create an essay outline, and this is very important when writing a persuasive essay. You need to be sure that you have included all the relevant points and that the essay is structured and ordered in the correct fashion. Let’s take a look at what you should include in your persuasive essay outline.


  • Use a hook to grab the attention of the reader. This could be a joke, some interesting data or a personal experience.
  • Detail the subject which will be discussed.
  • Present your thesis statement to provide the reader with your take on the subject.

Body 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc Paragraphs

  • The body of the essay is traditionally made up of three paragraphs but you are free to write more or less depending on the information you wish to present.
  • Each paragraph should contain one point of your argument, ordered in level of importance, starting with the most important.
  • You should include data as a way of backing up any claims you back and also as a way of further convincing the reader of your argument.

Opposing Paragraph

  • Use this paragraph to air the point of view of the opposition.
  • You can provide data and statistics here too.
  • You should then give reasons as to why this argument is not correct and refute any claims that have been made, with reasons.


  • Summarise all the points that have been made throughout the piece of writing.
  • Restate the thesis statement

Topics For A Persuasive Essay

When it comes to choosing a topic for your persuasive essay, the options are truly limitless. We are now going to take a look at some examples of topics you might wish to write on.

  • Females should always train female athletes.
  • Is chess a game or a sport?
  • The music of today is not composed as well as music 50 years ago.
  • Sad music encourages teenagers to suffer mental health problems.
  • Hunting is wrong/right.
  • Animal testing is right/wrong.
  • A dog should always be put down if it bites a human.
  • Physical education is not necessary for school children.
  • Modern kids are too reliant on technology.
  • Human beings are the greatest contributors to global warming.
  • The weekend should be made longer.
  • Parents should only be allowed a limited number of children.

Examples Of Persuasive Essays

We are now going to take a look at two examples of persuasive essays which have been well written and are easily able to convince the audience of the argument that is being discussed. You can use these as inspiration when it comes to writing your own persuasive essay.

Our Unhealthy Obsession With Sickness Written By Frank Furedi

The government today will do two things to which I object. First of all, they will encourage introspection, they will tell you that unless man examines his testicles, or keeps a check on his cholesterol levels then he is not a responsible citizen. He is letting himself down, his wife, his children, everyone. We’re encouraged to worry about health and as a consequence of this public health initiative’s are becoming a threat to the health of the public, or so it seems.

Second of all, the government promotes a value of seeking health. With us always expected to be seeking health for a variety of conditions. The main effect this brings, I believe, is that it makes us feel more ill than we actually are.

The Real Skinny Written By Belinda Luscomb

What do we say as people? Should we rise up and state ‘I absolutely refuse to purchase any item of clothing until I know that the one promoting it weights more than she was when she was a nipper?’ At the very least, should we say ‘Where should I send the money for some chicken nuggets?’ Well, maybe not this much. For the most part, our response will range from ‘I’m wondering whether that will look good on me.’ to ‘I’m not sure who the skinny cow is, but I already detest her.’


There are many important points to consider when writing a persuasive essay but the tips we have included here will guide you along your way. In essence, your persuasive essay should be able to convince the reader of your point of view and back this up with real data and facts.

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Persuasive Essay

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