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Hundreds of Argumentative Essay Topics for Any Assignment


Argumentative essay topics! When writing an argumentative essay, there are so many different topics that you might choose. However, it can be something of a challenge when trying to select a topic, especially when you feel a little in the dark about what to write. For this reason, we have come up with a huge variety of argumentative essay topics which you can use to create an amazing piece of writing.

In this article, we are going to present you with a great selection of argumentative essay topics.

Argumentative Essay Topics

When writing an argumentative essay, it is important to focus on three points in order to decipher the best topic for you to write on, these points are your ability to research, your writing ability and your analytical skills.

Writing an argumentative essay is a way to present an argument with both of sides whilst inputting some of your own ideas. It is a great way to honing your debating skills as well as being an excellent way of developing your general writing skills including spelling, grammar and your general use of the language.

It is now time to take a look at those argumentative essay topics. You should choose one which fits your skillset and knowledge but also one which will serve as some sort of challenge.

Educational Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Are children having to learn a larger amount of information in school compared to twenty years ago? If so, why?
  • Do children who are homeschooled find it more difficult to learn social skills?
  • Should college education become free?
  • Is it appropriate to teach younger school children about gender identity issues?
  • What age should schools begin teaching sex education?
  • Is it appropriate for school teachers to spend social time with children and their families?
  • Should schools perform drug tests on their students?

Argumentative Essay Topics About Family

  • Should the opinion of children be considered when looking at custody issues in court?
  • Is it right that adults should be financially responsible for their elderly or vulnerable parents?
  • Should men and women have different rights within a marriage? Why?
  • Should you force studying and education on your child?
  • Is it OK for parents to allow their children to try alcohol within the family home? At what age is this acceptable?
  • Should there be a limit on how many children a family can have?
  • Should a parent report their own child to the police for a crime?
  • Is it OK for parents to allow their teenage children to undergo plastic surgery purely for cosmetic reasons?

Moral Argumentative Essay Questions

  • Are public CCTV cameras an infringement of people’s privacy?
  • Should parents be able to control how much time a teenage spends on social media or video games?
  • Is it OK to use cosmetics which have been tested on animals in order to protect our own health?
  • Should you disclose confidential information from a friend to someone who that information might affect?
  • Does the media violate celebrity’s privacy?
  • Does journalling really help mental health?
  • Should rich people help out those who are less financially stable?
  • Should it be legal to demand a divorce when the spouse is in a coma?
  • Does the modern image of beauty have a negative impact on how society sees the average person?
  • Is the death penalty immoral?
  • Should you save someone’s life if it means putting your own at risk?

Technology Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Are we too dependant on technology?
  • What are the disadvantages to online dating services?
  • Is someone who is ‘social media famous’ negatively impacted in their personal life?
  • Are mobile telephones dangerous?
  • Could we survive if the internet was obliterated?
  • Is it better to read a physical book or an ebook?
  • Can social media make you feel more lonely?
  • Will there be a time when electronic currency become the main source of payment?
  • Should video games containing violence be banned?
  • Should a YouTube channel owner be responsible for the comments on their videos?
  • What are the pros and cons of the mobile phone?
  • Will there come a time when we cannot advance any further with technology?
  • How does technology relate to education?

Argumentative Essay Topics Which Are Controversial

  • Should there be a monarchy?
  • Are there politicians who are engaged in crime in the USA?
  • Is there a time when someone should be above the law?
  • Which are the most corrupt countries in the world?
  • Does the prevention of world war three lie with any country in particular?
  • Should guns be controlled in order to limit crime?
  • Is society too regulated?
  • Every country should have the death penalty in place.
  • Governments should control the use of alcohol.
  • The energy drink should be banned.

Argumentative Essay Topics About Society

  • Is the death penalty an effective deterrent?
  • If tobacco was made illegal, would this stop people from smoking?
  • Is a little competition a good thing?
  • Is taking part in the lottery a good thing?
  • How important is fashion?
  • Was life easier a century ago?
  • Is firing an employee enough of a punishment for cyberbullying?
  • Should working mothers have special privileges?

Health Argumentative Essay Topics

  • What’s the relationship between weight and food?
  • How does a diet negatively impact one’s life?
  • Should society fight anorexia?
  • What are the most dangerous sports?
  • Should pro sports clamp down on those who use steroids?
  • Swimming-is it the best form of activity?
  • What is the best type of weight loss diet?
  • How does physical education benefit the school system?

Miscellaneous Argumentative Essay Topics

  • Students should have limited internet time each day.
  • What is the reason for Americans becoming more and more obese?
  • What draws does the American education system have for foreign students?
  • What is the best second language to learn?
  • Do school tests have any advantages?
  • Are humans to blame for climate change?
  • Should torture be acceptable?
  • Is the election system in your country fair?
  • Do people cheat on their partners too often?
  • Is the tax system in your country fair?
  • Is there too much waste in today’s society?
  • Is a curfew effective at keeping teenagers out of trouble?
  • Should recycling be mandatory?

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Argumentative Essay Topics

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