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Expressions with TAKE: 46 Collocations with TAKE


Collocations with Take! Learn commonly used collocations and expressions with Take in English with example sentences and ESL picture to improve your English.

Useful list of verb noun collocations in English.

Collocations with TAKE

List of Expressions with Take

  • Take (sb) to court
  • Take (sb’s) temperature
  • Take a bite
  • Take a bow
  • Take a break
  • Take a call
  • Take a chance
  • Take a class
  • Take a decision (make)
  • Take a holiday
  • Take a lesson
  • Take a look
  • Take a message
  • Take a nap
  • Take a number
  • Take a photo/ a photograph
  • Take a picture
  • Take a rest
  • Take a risk
  • Take a seat
  • Take a shower (have)
  • Take a step
  • Take a taxi/bus/train/plane
  • Take a test
  • Take a while/ a minute/ five minutes
  • Take action
  • Take advantage (of)
  • Take advice
  • Take ages
  • Take an exam/ a test/ a course
  • Take care of
  • Take charge (of)
  • Take drugs
  • Take exercise
  • Take medicine
  • Take notes
  • Take notice
  • Take part
  • Take place
  • Take pride in
  • Take somebody’s place
  • Take someone’s temperature
  • Take time
  • Take turns
  • Take up space
  • Take your time

Examples of Collocations with Take

List of collocations with take with example sentences.

Take (sb) to court

  • I will take you to court if you persist in pestering my client.

Take (sb’s) temperature

  • We take temperature readings every two hours.

Take a bite

  • I make up a soft taco and take a bite.

Take a bow

  • During the show, I could barely take a bow.

Take a break

  • I wanted to take a break and work on some things.

Take a call

  • Apologies for the delay, I had to take a call.

Take a chance

  • We will take a chance to have the party outdoor.

Take a class

  • You could just walk in, sit down and take a class.

Take a decision (make)

  • You have to take lots of decisions in life.

Take a holiday

  • He had intended to take a holiday in New York.

Take a lesson

  • I might take a lesson from you.

Take a look

  • I’ll take a look at the website and let you know what I think.

Take a message

  • The manager is out, can I take a message?

Take a nap

  • I usually take a nap after lunch.

Take a number

  • I think it will take a number of months for this to play out.

Take a photo/ a photograph

  • Why did you take so many photos on holiday?

Take a picture

  • Could I take a picture of you?

Take a rest

  • Take a rest from your hard work.

Take a risk

  • She is left with little choice but to take a risk.

Take a seat

  • Take a seat while I get you something to drink.

Take a shower (have)

  • I usually take a shower before having my breakfast.

Take a step

  • take a step into the center of the circle.

Take a taxi/bus/train/plane

  • Let’s not take a taxi; we can easily walk over.

Take a test

  • Have you taken your driving test yet?

Take a while/ a minute/ five minutes

  • It might take a while for this file to upload.

Take action

  • We must take action to cut vehicle emissions.

Take advantage (of)

  • Many schools don’t take full advantage of the Internet.

Take advice

  • We don’t have to take advice from him.

Take ages

  • It’ll probably take ages to find a parking space.

Take an exam/ a test/ a course

  • Do you have to take an exam in French?

Take care of

  • We had a chance to take care of our own business.

Take charge (of)

  • The policeman said he would take charge of the gun.

Take drugs

  • He does not smoke or take drugs.

Take exercise

  • Take exercise if you’re out of shape.

Take medicine

  • Take medicine when you get gripes.

Take notes

  • He drew out his notebook and began to take notes.

Take notice

  • This news made us all sit up and take notice.

Take part

  • He will take part in this contest.

Take place

  • The wedding will take place in October.

Take pride in

  • take pride in my work.

Take somebody’s place

  • He has just begged off, can you take his place in the team?

Take someone’s temperature

  • I took my temperature and I found that I am running a fever.

Take time

  • Her mental scars will take time to heal.

Take turns

  • We take turns to answer the phone.

Take up space

  • You take up space and you slow me down.

Take your time

  • Whatever you do, slow down and take your time.

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Expressions with TAKE: 46 Collocations with TAKE

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