Expressions with COME: 22 Useful Collocations with COME


Collocations with COME! List of common collocations and expressions with COME in English with example sentences and ESL picture.

Useful list of verb noun collocations in English.

Collocations with COME

List of Expressions with Come

  • Come clean about
  • Come close
  • Come complete with
  • Come early
  • Come first
  • Come into view
  • Come last
  • Come on time
  • Come prepared
  • Come right back
  • Come to a compromise
  • Come to a conclusion
  • Come to a decision
  • Come to a realization
  • Come to a stop
  • Come to an agreement
  • Come to an end
  • Come to life
  • Come to sb’s rescue
  • Come to terms with
  • Come under attack
  • Come up with

Collocations with COME with Example Sentences

Come clean about

  • Mom, I need to come clean about the vase, I broke it not Tommy.

Come close

  • The movie was so boring that I came close to walking out of the cinema.

Come complete with

  • Our machines come complete with a ten-year warranty.

Come early

  • I always come early for meetings.

Come first

  • For me family always comes first.

Come into view

  • We were watching the stars when suddenly a shooting star came into view.

Come last

  • Greg comes last in every race.

Come on time

  • The movie starts at 9 am. Please come on time.

Come prepared

  • There is a test next week, come prepared.

Come right back

  • Where’s Johnny? He went to get some coffee, he said he’ll come right back.

Come to a compromise

  • We need to come to a compromise about our vacation plans.

Come to a conclusion

  • The debate did not come to a conclusion until yesterday.

Come to a decision

  • We must come to a decision about what to do next by tomorrow.

Come to a realization

  • I have just come to a realization!

Come to a stop

  • Suddenly the music came to a stop.

Come to an agreement

  • It is great that we were able to come to an agreement.

Come to an end

  • I wondered if my football career was coming to an end.

Come to life

  • One team will try to make those four stories come to life.

Come to sb’s rescue

  • He was about to drop a huge tray of dishes when Brad came to his rescue.

Come to terms with

  • He had to figure out how to come to terms with her.

Come under attack

Come up with

  • I couldn’t come up with any good ideas for my mom’s 50th birthday party.

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Collocations with COME

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