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Expressions with CATCH: 14 Collocations with CATCH


Collocations with Catch! Learn commonly used collocations and expressions with Catch in English with example sentences and ESL picture to improve your English.

Important list of verb noun collocations in English

Collocations with CATCH

List of Expressions with Catch

  • Catch (on) fire
  • Catch a ball
  • Catch a bus/ a train
  • Catch a chill
  • Catch a cold
  • Catch a glimpse
  • Catch a thief
  • Catch a whiff
  • Catch sight of
  • Catch someone’s attention
  • Catch someone’s eye
  • Catch the flu
  • Catch You Later!
  • Catch your breath

Collocation Examples with Catch

Catch (on) fire

  • The plane catches fire just as it is reaching the destination.

Catch a ball

  • His son could catch a ball coming toward his left or right.

Catch a bus/ a train

  • You’d really need to catch a bus.

Catch a chill

  • If you have a small hat available, put it on the baby so it doesn’t catch a chill.

Catch a cold

  • If you get caught in the rain, you might catch a cold.

Catch a glimpse

  • Perhaps I might catch a glimpse of Frank.

Catch a thief

  • You’re here to catch a thief.

Catch a whiff

  • caught a whiff of peachy perfume.

Catch sight of

  • As the group turns to leave, Sayid catches sight of the cat.

Catch someone’s attention

  • The silver plated caster on the dining table catch her attention.

Catch someone’s eye

  • caught her eye and smiled.

Catch the flu

  • Tom seems to catch the flu every year.

Catch You Later!

  • See you again. Catch you later.

Catch your breath

  • You never got a chance to catch your breath.

Expressions with Catch | Picture

Collocations with CATCH

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