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Expressions with ASK: 10 Useful Collocations with ASK


Collocations with ASK! List of common collocations and expressions with ASK in English with example sentences and ESL picture.

Big list of verb noun collocations in English.

Collocations with ASK

List of Expressions with Ask

  • Ask a favour
  • Ask a question
  • Ask about
  • Ask after somebody
  • Ask for advice
  • Ask for directions
  • Ask for something
  • Ask permission
  • Ask sb out
  • Ask if/ whether

Examples of Collocations with ASK

Ask a favour

  • Can I ask a favour?

Ask a question

  • Sally interrupted me in midstream to ask a question.

Ask about

  • I want to ask you about your opinion about this book.

Ask after somebody

  • Tell your father I was asking after him.

Ask for advice

  • You should go to your doctor and ask for advice.

Ask for directions

  • How do you ask for directions in Korea?

Ask for something

  • He never speaks to me other than to ask for something.

Ask permission

  • You must ask permission if you want to leave early.

Ask sb out

  • He asked her out to dinner.

Ask if/ whether

  • Tom asked if she wanted a cup of coffee.

Expressions with ASK | Picture

Common Collocations with ASK in English

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