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27 Ways to Say “Nice to Meet You” in Speaking & Writing


The phrase, “nice to meet you” is very kind but definitely overused. It is a way to express gratitude towards a person and let them know you appreciate their presence. Telling someone, “nice to meet you” is formal but also laid back and easy going. You are telling someone that meeting them has enhanced your life in one aspect or another. You are letting them know you are looking forward to a deeper connection and hope to continue seeing them.

Nice to Meet You!

Other Ways to Say “Nice to Meet You” in an Email

“Nice to meet you” is usually followed by a handshake or a kiss on the cheek, unless it is in an email. If it is used in an email it is usually the closing, right before you sign your nice. A type of farewell prior to the farewell. Other ways to say “nice to meet you” in an email are, “It has been a pleasure connecting”, “I look forward to hearing from you”, “fondly” and “blessed to connect.”

  • “It has been a pleasure connecting”

The phrase, “it has been a pleasure connecting” is very heartfelt. It is a little bit deeper than “nice to meet you” but it ultimately means the same thing. You can say this at the close of an email before the comma and name below. You are pleased to finally be connecting with something and it is both formal and personable.

Concluding an email with the short phrase, “I look forward to hearing from you” is similar to “nice to meet you” except that it encourages a longer-lasting connection and a response. It adds one extra step to the simple phrase and asks for a little more effort along with showing your appreciation for meeting them. It shows that you want to keep the connection flowing and evolving.

  • “Fondly”

Another phrase to use instead of “nice to meet you” is, “fondly.” It is short and sweet. Some people like the simplicity of things. Fondly is a kind word to end an email prior to your initials or name. Fondly means with affection or liking, so it is virtually the same thing as saying “nice to meet you” in fewer words. You are still expressing your enjoyment in meeting your correspondent.

  • “Blessed to connect”

The last phrase that is similar to “nice to meet you” is “blessed to connect.” Sometimes you do not actually know you are corresponding within emails but you are always communicating and connecting. “Blessed to connect” is a cute little straightforward phrase that shows you are excited to grow with someone in their business or life, whichever the email is referring to.

There are many phrases similar to “nice to meet you” that are just like that. “Happy to meet you”, “Glad to meet you”, etc… but those are nearly the same. Spice up your email vocabulary and cater to the type of personality you are speaking with. I promise people to pay attention to the little details and these alternative phrases will go a long way. Use your charm to everyone’s benefit and it is a win-win.

23 Phrases to Use Instead of Nice to Meet You

  • Glad to meet you!
  • Good to meet you!
  • Great interacting with you!
  • Great seeing you!
  • Happy to meet you!
  • How do you do?
  • How wonderful to meet you!
  • I had a great meeting!
  • I had a great time!
  • I’ve enjoyed meeting you!
  • It is fun chatting with you!
  • It is fun talking to you!
  • It was lovely meeting you!
  • It was nice meeting you!
  • It was nice talking to you!
  • It was nice to have met you!
  • It’s a pleasure to meet you!
  • It’s been a pleasure meeting you!
  • It’s lovely to meet you!
  • It’s very nice to meet you!
  • Lovely to meet you!
  • Nice meeting you!
  • Pleased to meet you!

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Learn many other ways to say it was nice meeting you!

23 Ways to Say "NICE TO MEET YOU" in English

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