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Core Values: 9 Important Examples of Core Values


We usually align ourselves with others who have similar core values to our own. Below we will list some examples of core values for you to consider – it might be worth thinking if they apply to an organization, business, or individual that you know so you can think about how these core values look in practice.

What Are Core Values?

Core values are an individual’s or organization’s set of fundamental beliefs. It’s important to understand what core values an individual or organization has, because it will impact upon everything they do, think, and say, in some way or another. That’s because our fundamental beliefs directly impact behavior and attitudes, so it becomes really important to understand different examples in almost every area of life. Are you a fiction writer? Then you need to know what core values your main character has. Are you looking to set up a new business?

Then you need to know what your organization’s core values are so customers know the sort of service they will get. It’s important for core values to be known, because it helps us to sort individuals, groups, organizations, and businesses into those we want to associate with, and those we don’t want to associate with.

Examples of Core Values


This core value works just as well for a business or organization as it does for an individual. Someone with teamwork as a core value believes in working together to get the job done more effectively. A business that has teamwork as a core value recognizes the importance of their employees working together, and even the business itself working with the community that it operates in, to get the best results.


Another example of a core value that works for both. An individual or business with family as a core value recognizes the importance of family in their lives and tries to extend their hand to other families. An individual with family as a core value will show it in their love and appreciation for their own and others families, and be welcoming of new members for example.


A person or business that is compassionate aims to make everybody feel welcome, understands where they are coming from, and aims to give them the best possible time when they are together. Somebody who shows compassion throughout their life because of their core value will likely be loving and accepting towards everybody they meet, and deeply empathetic when things go wrong.


An individual or business with respect as a core value will show appreciation and understanding towards everybody no matter their age, gender, abilities/disabilities, race, religion, etc. A business with this at the heart of their core values is a business that will employ and welcome everybody from any diverse part of life.


You’ll have noticed by now that each of the core values we have explored apply to both individuals and businesses and the same can be said for accountability. Accountability is simply taking ownership of one’s mistakes and dealing with the consequences head on. A business with accountability as a core value will release press releases and statements when they get something wrong. It might be that they have been operating unethically or against certain regulations, and when this happens they will admit their mistakes, apologize, and try to move forwards in the correct manner.


A business or person that holds positivity as a core value will simply always try to make the best out of any situation they find themselves in, and look to the future with an excited outlook. A person with this as a core value might be noticeably optimistic about the future even in dark times, and will likely try to make changes in order to reach their goals.


Having creativity as a core value doesn’t necessarily mean you are somebody who is artistic or interested in creative activities (although it can mean that too). A business or person that has creativity as a core value is somebody who might think slightly differently to others, coming up with new and exciting ideas and products that solve problems in an interesting way. A business with creativity as a core value might be an innovator in the field that they are working, constantly coming up with new ways to stay relevant to the market that they are operating in.


In many ways, curiosity as a core value links closely with creativity. To be curious is to constantly seek to learn new things, adapt to new challenges, and inquire about things constantly. If an individual held this as a core value they would be interested in learning throughout their whole lives, and be excited by the prospect of facing a challenge that others may not have solved or succeeded in yet. A business would likewise seek to develop their services or products constantly to make sure that they were offering the very best service they could to their customers.


This is a core value you would expect to see more in businesses than in individuals, but it can certainly apply to both. A business with drive is a business that is never satisfied. Even if they are the top-performing business in their field, they will not sit back and relax. Instead, they’ll move on to the next product or service that people want, to make sure that they are constantly and consistently on top of their game. An individual with drive as a core value will likely have a similar outlook on their career, their fitness and healthy journey, or anything else that they are passionate about.

Core values are something that everybody has in some degree. It tells us the sort of person they are, the sort of beliefs they hold, and how they might act in certain circumstances. The exact same can be said for businesses too. It’s important to know what your personal core values are so you behave consistently in a way that you are happy with. But you should also look for businesses and individuals with similar core values to you, because you know that they prioritize similar things.

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Examples of Core Values

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